ADA - Wabi Sabi for your aquarium

The name of the Japanese company ADA stands for Aqua Design Amano. It was founded by the originator of nature aquaristics, Takashi Amano, in order to offer elegantly designed, high-quality accessories for plant aquariums. ADA is the premium brand for aquascaping and has pioneered special products such as White Glass Aquariums, Soil Background, Lily Pipes and other aquarium glassware, as well as aquascaping tools such as the famous Pro Scissors Wave.

For the successful operation of a nature aquarium or aquascape, Aqua Design Amano offers a system that is perfectly matched both functionally and optically, from lighting to filtration, CO2 technology, fertilizer and care products to substrate and unique hardscape materials. These include, for example, the Manten and Unzan Stones, which are much sought-after in aquascaping.

The philosophy of ADA and of course especially of Takashi Amano is to create a very natural aquarium, which creates ideal conditions for shrimp, aquatic plants and ornamental fish, but also offers the beholder of the aquarium layout a vibrant piece of nature for his or her living space.

Our Aquasabi Online Shop has been awarded ADA Full System Dealer status, which means, we carry almost all products from all ADA product categories. The additional award as ADA 300 Item Store indicates, that you can buy more than 300 different Aqua Design Amano products from our shop.