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We just love aquascaping and water plants! In late 2006, Tobias Coring initiated a German-language platform where all those interested in aquatic plants and aquascaping layouts could go to, and launched Flowgrow.de, our community for everything around aquascaping and aquarium plants. Since then, these pages have developed into a still-growing pool of information helping with nutrient dosage, algae problems or layout problems for all kinds of aquaria and especially for aquascapes. When you are truly passionate about your hobby, you'll need the right tools in order to put your ideas into practice, especially when you need to be very creative and when the appearance counts very much, like in aquascaping. Tobias Coring soon realised that there was an utter lack of suitable products, and, for this reason, he founded his shop - Aquasabi - in late 2007 in order to create a product range especially cut to the needs of aquascapers and keepers of planted tanks.

Our product range has been selected with the utmost care in order to meet the requirements of aquatic plant keepers and aquascapers to the fullest. We have tested practically all the products we offer in our shop ourselves, and thus we can answer most customer questions in great detail. Premium brands like Aqua Design Amano (ADA), Borneo Wild, gUSH or Cal Aqua Labs offer a wide range of high-quality products for aquascapers and aquatic plant keepers. However, we also have numerous glassware articles, tools or aquatic plant fertilisers for the more economically-minded customer, and we are always on the lookout for suitable amendments that round off our range of products.

In 2008, we launched our own aquarium plant fertiliser series under the brand name Aqua Rebell. These water plant fertilisers are very flexible to use, and there are many different variants that allow you to easily fulfil the requirements of easy-to-keep as well as more difficult aquatic plants. Good aquatic plant fertilisers are the basis of a vital aquascape or planted tank, however, we found especially large gaps in this field, and in those times it was difficult to keep a well-running planted tank if you were not a pro. With Aqua Rebell, we have been able to close this gap, and many aquascapers consider this line of products their first choice when it comes to water plant fertilising.

During the following years, the Aquasabi team and Flowgrow grew considerably, as biologist Heiko Muth, especially interested in aquatic plants, the dedicated aquascaper Marcel Dykierek and our aquarium-crazy computer scientist Bastian Selonke joined us. During an especially important phase, product designer and aquascaper Sebastian Lilge supported our team with his know how and his commitment to Aquasabi, too.

In 2010, Tobias Coring went to a seminar organised and held by Aqua Design Amano in Niigata (Japan) to gain even more knowledge and insight about the product range of ADA. There he also learned a lot about the concept of Nature Aquarium and aquascaping, and he is happy to pass this knowledge on to our customers.

Besides our comprehensive range of accessories, fertilisers and tools for aquascaping and planted tanks, we have been able to offer our customers aquatic plants from our own tanks as well as from renowned aquatic plant nurseries since 2012. For us, quality is decisive when it comes to water plants, and thus we insist in a constant high quality level with our suppliers. We want our customers to be happy with vital and well-growing aquatic plants at all times.

Besides many plants that are readily available in trade, we are proud to be able to offer rare, special plants that are usually hard to come by. We were the first to import large quantities of Bucephalandra species into Europe, and we can justly say that we are the ones who spread these beauties among European aquascapers and aquatic plant enthusiasts. We also offer rare mosses and ferns and special stem and rosette plants that are not found in trade elsewhere.

In 2013, we launched our new Flowgrow Tool series for planted tank maintenance. These tools are absolutely on a par with the premium brands when it comes to quality, however, we are able to offer them at very favourable prices. The blades are specifically hardened, and the tools are produced with the utmost care. Thus we can offer you the perfect tool series at a very reasonable price.

We are continuously searching for new products that make an aquascaper's heart beat faster, and we want to remain true to our motto: We help the plants in your aquaria grow! Our passion for our beautiful aquascaping and planted tank hobby is our daily motivation to give our very best for our customers in order to support you and to give you as much joy and satisfaction in aquascaping and plant care as we have.


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You will find us at the former Rollei factory in Braunschweig, Germany. You can find us at the entry 2C. The entry is at the back of the building where the bigger parking lot is located.

Aqua Rebell

Aqua Rebell our own-brand of waterplant and aquascaping fertilizers. We from Aquasabi just love aquatic plants and aquascaping, and this love, in 2008, virtually compelled us to launch this line of fertilizers. Until then the macronutrients nitrate and phosphate in particular were frowned upon in the hobby and were thus not generally used. Only very few aquatic plant enthusiasts added these nutrients to their tanks. The majority of tankkeepers viewed them - although unsubstantiatedly ? as a trigger for algae overgrowth. New scientific insights as well as practical experience prove that nitrate and phosphate are not the reason for algal growth, however, it is an imbalance of nutrients that fosters the growth of algae in an aquarium.

All aquatic plants require sufficient amounts of essential nutrients to thrive. Our tanks are equipped with more and more technical devices, more light and often also a CO2 supply. As a consequence, the excretions of the fish are often insufficient for fertilizing the waterplants. Nitrate and phosphate, shunned in earlier times, have become short in supply in many planted tanks. This is what gave us the idea for our name, "Aqua Rebell": We see macronutrients as a "rebellious" alternative to nitrate- and phosphate-free fertilizing systems.

Aqua Rebell has closed the gaps created by these still wide-spread systems, and we continuously strive to increase the quality of our product lines. In doing so, we work hand in hand with grassroot hobbyists and take the wishes and requirements of planted-tank keepers and aquascapers into close consideration. Suggestions coming from our waterplant and aquascaping community www.flowgrow.de have often been the cornerstone for new products that are thoroughly tested by many experienced aquatic plant enthusiasts before they enter the market. Our products are the result of our long-standing experience, field testing and innovative ideas. Our main focus is to enable aquatic plant enthusiasts to successfully pursue their hobby with the help of our products - so they can thoroughly enjoy their planted tanks.


Flowgrow was created in Ende 2006. The aim was to create an informative platform and a community around the subjects of aquascaping and aquatic plants. A vast aquatic plants database provides lots of information regarding the cultivation of water plants and a lot of botanical background knowledge. The nutrient calculator of Flowgrow is very helpful if you mix your fertilisers yourself or if you search for the perfect liquid fertiliser dosage for your planted tank or aquascape. You can even get specific dosages for the products by Aqua Rebell with the help of this nutrient calculator, individually adapted to your tank and the needs of your plants.

Detailed data sheets of the aquascapes of the members of the Flowgrow community provide lots of information about the aquaria and plans of the planting. The category "Aquascaping News" holds many articles about the subjects of aquascaping and water plant aquaristics as well as short newsflashes written by specialists. Especially important: our friendly community members who will always lend you a hand if you happen to run into problems.