Aquascaping is your passion - and we share it! We are founding members of the aquascaping scene in Germany, run the Internet forum Flowgrow and manufacture the Aqua Rebell products, and we know exactly how to make an aquascaper's heart beat faster. Before an article is integrated into our product range it has to pass many tests. We have tried out almost all the articles in our store in person. If something does not convince us, we do not sell it.

Besides the largest range of glassware and CO2 dispensing equipment for aquascaped tanks in Europe we offer a lot of rarities exclusively available in our web shop.


We have subdivided our web shop into categories, which you can call up on the uppermost side of the shop page. Every category contains several subcategories, which you can call up by clicking on the relevant subcategory picture in the page header and in the menu on the left.

Below the category pictures you can see how many articles you are shown right now. Next to that, on the right, you can select the way the articles are sorted (by name or price) and displayed (gallery or list).

In the left column of our catalogue view you can limit the articles you see. For doing so, please select the price range you desire, the rating, brand names or product-specific characteristics, and the results will be shown automatically.

Behind every subcategory, given price range, brand name, rating or product-specific characteristic you can see a number in brackets. This shows exactly how many articles with the characteristics you desire are listed in the respective category in our shop.

We have designed our catalogue in a way that allows us to show you all articles in all subcategories when you select a category. If you choose the category "Aquatic plants" you thus will be shown all the articles listed under "Ground covering plants", "Foreground plants" and so on.

In the lowermost part of our web shop you can see an overview over the brands we offer. A simple click on a brand name will bring you to an overview of all the articles of that brand we offer.

If you want to browse for articles, our catalogue is the thing for you. If you already know what you want, click on the magnifying glass in the green frame in the upper part of our web shop. Just enter the search term you desire and press "Enter" - then we'll proudly present the results. As search terms, you can e.g. use brand names, parts of an article name, our article number or the article number determined by the manufacturer, or the EAN code.

Stock information

On the article detail pages you can see right in the header whether the article is in stock. We will ship all available articles right away. The lines explained in the following inform about the availability.

The following articles are available in large numbers:

Immediately available

If only a smaller number of the article in question is in stock, you will see how many we still have:

Immediately available, 17 pcs in stock

If there is only one article left, you will see the following sentence:

Immediately available, only one piece left

Articles we do not have in stock at the moment are marked as follows:

Sold out, cannot be ordered right now

If the article you desire happens to be out of stock at the moment we are happy to inform you when it is available again. For receiving this information, please call up the detail page of the article you desire that is sold out and click on "Message me", and we'll do the rest. As soon as the article is available again we'll email you.


New trends, brands or simply beautiful articles? We are happy to inform you about new stuff in our product range. For doing so, we have created a special category where you can see what's new with us.

Alternatively, you can choose to be informed when we have new articles to offer. We do not only publish these news on our web shop pages, but also on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Just follow us there - maybe you'll find some interesting stuff that's exactly right for you, too!


All the articles we sell can be reviewed by our customers. During the review process, up to five stars can be assigned to an article, and in addition you are invited to a comment. The overall ranking is calculated from the average number of stars an article has been assigned.

In our online catalogue, the ranking is shown in the form of yellow stars. The following exemplary article has a ranking of four out of five stars, which corresponds to "good":

If you have registered for a customer account with Aquasabi, you can write article reviews. For doing so, please open the detail page of the article you wish to review and click on "rate this item". Please note that you can review every article only once. Please write as detailed yet as compact a comment as possible.

All reviews are published partially anonymous. In your "My Aquasabi" you can choose and edit your personal review pseudonym under the menu item "Settings". Your first name and the first letter of your last name are the default setting.

Class B items

Dealers define "selected seconds" as articles with a slight quality infringement that are offered at a drastic discount, for example goods that have been unpacked, used for a very short time or that are slightly damaged (e.g. have a scratch). Exhibits are also categorized as selected seconds. We consider severely damaged or broken articles to be third class, and we do not sell those.

In our shop, in the category selected seconds you will frequently find aquatic plants that do not look 100% fresh any more, that will, however, return to full health soon when treated right. If a plant shows signs of nutrient deficiencies like e.g. a few yellow shoots or leaves, we also consider it a selected second.

All the articles we sell as selected seconds are unmistakably marked as such in the article name as well as in the article description on the detail page. You can find a list of all our selected seconds beside our special offers in the "Sale" category at absolutely favorable prices!