Tetra - Maintenance

An aquarium consists of at least 95% water, so it is hardly surprising that the success of an aquarium project or an aquascape depends directly on the quality of the water. However, not all water is the same. The variables that influence water quality are as diverse as nature itself. The chemical and microbial parameters of a classic drinking water analysis are already very complex with almost 100 values. This enormous complexity increases even more in an aquarium with hardscape, aquatic plants, soil, gravel or sand as well as the stocking. Tetra's maintenance products address this problem! Water tests can be purchased in this section to determine the actual condition. Once the data has been collected, the water quality can be optimised with products such as NitrateMinus or pH/KH Minus. Tetra CrystalWater can be used to remove turbidity, while Tetra AquaSafe treats tap water and binds heavy metals, among other things. SafeStart has the potential to drastically shorten the start-up phase, while EasyBalance stabilises water that has come apart at the seams for up to 6 months.