Tetra - Technics

The reliable and modern aquarium technology in this category offers solutions for almost all problems that can arise during the operation of an aquarium. One of the most important building blocks for freedom from algae, healthy stocking and magnificent plants is the filter. It allows the limited water column of the aquarium to be expanded many times over, simulating freshwater inflow as in a natural environment. Due to the steady flow of water, oxygen-deficient areas and accumulations of nutrients or pollutants are avoided. The formation of an imbalance and the associated risk of algae and cyanobacteria blooms becomes controllable.

In order to cater for tropical fish, which generally like warmer waters, it may be necessary to equip the aquarium with a control heater. As temperatures can drop low in the winter months, it is advisable to integrate a Tetra HT Heater into the stock in good time. If you want to supply the aquarium with additional oxygen, you can use the Tetra APS aquarium air pumps without hesitation.

The high-quality and sophisticated technology from Tetra enables stress-free aquascaping with the experience gained from over 70 years of research and development.