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Tetra - Food

As diverse as nature itself, Tetra wades in with numerous innovative feeds, because similar to humans, each fish species is to be considered individually and most species benefit from a particularly varied diet. So the key to a healthy and liberated fish life is not just regular feeding and fasting, but a healthy, varied basic diet, as well as the occasional snack in between meals or a treat paired with food fun. This promotes instincts and contributes to the well-being of both the fish and the fishkeeper.

This species-appropriate and well thought-out feeding can also influence certain variables in the fish. The natural colour enhancers in Tetra Rubin Flakes intensify the bright colours of red, yellow and orange fish. The optimised protein and fat ratio of the TetraPro fish feeds can specifically promote muscle development. Colour concentrates in TetraPRO Colour made from carotenoids emphasise the colours of all colourful fish. A favourable ratio of proteins, dietary fibres and fats in combination with prebiotics ensure improved digestion. As a result, the fish food is optimally utilised and the water pollution caused by the fish's excretions is reduced. That's right! Clear water through better fish feed.

But not only the colourfulness of the animals should be supported. For extra vitality, agility and healthy growth, we recommend taking a look at the variety of the TetraMin product range. Slowly sinking granules, initially floating then sinking crisps, micro and XL flakes cover the various needs of fish from different water regions. Tetra also offers something for all other feeding types. Lower jaw type species such as labyrinth fish or tooth carps prefer to eat flakes and crisps, middle jaw type species such as cichlids, characins and barbs like to eat granules, whereas upper jaw type species such as catfish, gobies and loaches prefer wafers and tablets. Is the aquarium stock mixed? No problem! Menus with compositions of different food types are also available.