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Tetra - Maintenance - Cleaning and Accessories

The cleaning accessories section contains small helpers that make the maintenance and cleaning of the aquarium a little easier, because admittedly an aquarium does not look as brilliant as freshly set up every day. This is a very normal process, as the aquarium is ?alive?. The comfort gravel cleaner makes tedious sifting of the substrate superfluous. Connect the hose with the clip delivered the fish protection grille prevents sucking in fish or shrimps. Has an alga ever strayed onto the aquarium glass? With a reasonable glass cleaner, the green dots can be removed in just a few minutes! With well thought-out, high-quality tools, cleaning can be fun instead of annoying hence the Aquascape looks as good as before in no time in a well-stocked aquarium shop, you can also buy exactly these little helpers for cleaning and maintenance. The important thing is that the quality is right!