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Tetra - Maintenance - Water Test

Breaking down the individual water components via water tests can provide revealing information about the quality and composition of the water. Before red algae develop or an algal bloom occurs, an imbalance can be determined and eliminated by determining the water values. Water quality plays a particularly important role in aquascaping. The aquascape can be steered in the desired direction by targeted fertilisation of macro and micro nutrients. To ensure that the water is free of algae in the long term, it is therefore essential to monitor trace elements and nutrients on a permanent basis. In our aquaristic shop you will find the Tetra water tests, analysis tools for the most important water values such as the pH value, nitrate and phosphate value as well as precise tests with which CO2 can be measured. The iron values (responsible for particularly healthy water plants), ammonia and oxygen should also be checked at regular intervals, ideally weekly. In addition to the classic water values, the total hardness and the carbonate hardness can also be reliably determined. Checking the water quality is particularly easy with the Tetra Test 6in1. One test strip for an accurate result in 60 seconds.