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Algae in the aquarium can spoil the fun of the most beautiful and elaborate aquascape and have even led some aquarium owners to give up this wonderful hobby, although most algae species are just as much a part of an aquarium as fish or water plants. Nevertheless, an overgrowing algae bloom or a creeping plague of cyanobacteria is one of the biggest nuisances for aquarists. A frequent cause of algae in the aquarium is nutrient imbalances. Low nitrate levels can be the cause of green algae, whereas abundant iron levels can favour red algae, brush algae and brown algae. A weak lighting situation can also disturb the balance and give the algae an advantage, as they get by with much less light than some higher aquarium plants. Are the algae already on the rise? Well, first of all the cause should be investigated by means of water tests, then countermeasures can be taken. Fortunately, there are several products available from Tetra for reliably fighting algae and restoring the balance. The particularly effective Tetra AlguMin, in its liquid form, immediately releases the active ingredients and reliably and quickly rids the aquarium of most types of algae. Tetra AlgoStop Depot is particularly suitable for larger aquariums up from 40 liter and has a preventive effect. Tetra Algizit tablets are very easy to dose and fight red algae, green algae and brown algae. Even stubborn algae such as brush algae or beard algae can be controlled by Tetra's care products. In modern aquaristics, a severe algae bloom no longer has to be a reason to restart the aquarium. With Tetra's clever helpers for algae control, aquascapers can find their way back to crystal-clear water and the perfect final shot.