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Tetra - Maintenance - Waterconditioning

To buy the matching water care products for the aquarium a decent inventory is highly recommended.

  • What are the water values?
  • What are the conditions?
  • What fish population?
  • Are there shrimps in the tank?
  • Is there a problem at all?

  • Is the data collected or is the answer to a few of the questions YES? Tetra offers numerous water care products for countless conditions. First and foremost, the basis for a healthy aquarium is a good quality tap water. But depending on the location, quality and composition of the tap water differs and in some cases a water treatment is recommended. Tetra AquaSafe has the ability to make contaminated water suitable for fish. It binds heavy metals, reduces stress and ensures a healthy micro fauna. SafeStart has the potential to shorten the running-in phase drastically and enables the direct use of the fish after a new setup. Tetra EasyBalance stabilises the water and can stretch the period to the next water change for as long as 6 months. Tetra CrystalWater binds dirt and turbidity and clears the water in no time.