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Tetra - Maintenance - Plantcare

Aquatic plants are the backbone of a healthy, algea free aquarium as well as a healthy aquatic flora. OK, let's go! Soil is in the tank, the hardscape is placed in the most artistic way possible, the LED Illumination is flawless, plants are bought, the filter humms... now everything should turn out well! Watering the plants can't be the weak spot? Or can it? No, hardly! But first of all the plants need some time to adjust to the new surroundings. But after a while the classy and new aquatic plants don't look that healthy anymore. There is clearly a lack of colour and some leaves are gone. Sure thing! The nutrients are missing. Without a proper fertilisation and the trace elements barley any plant can develop a magnificent growth. That's the point Tetra is aiming for. PlantaMin, an iron intensive fertiliser provides essential nutrients like iron, potassium and manganese through the water column. PlantaPro refills used up trace elements and vitamins. The Tetra Optimat set provides the CO2. In the category plant care, everything a healthy plant growth needs is to be found. This is also beneficial, as powerful and fast-growing plants are pushing back on algae. Spare parts and refill cartridges for the CO2 Optimat can also be purchased in our aquaristic shop.