Reverse Osmosis

For passionate terrascapers, water quality is a critical aspect of the thriving of their miniature ecosystems. Reverse osmosis water, which has been purified of pollutants and unwanted minerals, is the ideal choice.

Why use reverse osmosis water for terrascaping?

Terrascapes and Wabi-Kusas thrive best in an environment free from chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Reverse osmosis water provides just that - a pure base that supports plant growth and promotes the development of microorganisms.

The benefits of reverse osmosis water at a glance:

  • Pollutant-free water: Reverse osmosis water helps to avoid the accumulation of potentially harmful substances, which is essential for sensitive plants and the health of microfauna.
  • Controlled nutrient supply: Since reverse osmosis water is low in minerals and nutrients, terrascapers can control the exact amount and composition of nutrients they want to feed their plants. Reverse osmosis water also contains no chlorine.
  • Prevention of lime deposits: Unlike hard tap water, reverse osmosis water leaves no residues that could impair the clarity of the terrarium glass.
  • Carnivorous plants: Carnivorous plants should only be watered with rainwater or reverse osmosis water, as they are very sensitive to lime.

In terrascaping, reverse osmosis water can be used for the initial filling as well as for regular water changes. It is excellent for creating rainforest terrariums or terrariums with an aquatic component, like paludariums, as it ensures stable water quality.

Reverse osmosis water can easily be produced at home with a reverse osmosis system. These devices filter tap water and remove most dissolved solids, leading to pure water that is ideal for your terrascaping.

Reverse osmosis water is an indispensable component for anyone who wants to create a controlled environment in their terrascaping. Discover a selection of reverse osmosis systems in our shop and start providing your terrarium with the purest form of water. With reverse osmosis water as a base, you have the best foundation to develop a flourishing terrascape that will enchant you and the viewers with its naturalness and purity.