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ARKA myAqua Reverse osmosis systems 1.900

ARKA myAqua Reverse osmosis systems 1.900

  • Purifies tap water
  • Removes up to 99% of all ingredients
  • Faucet and hoses included
  • With 4 different filter media
  • For wall mounting
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The myAqua Reverse osmosis system 1.900 from ARKA quickly and effectively filters up to 99 % of salts, bacteria and pollutants, such as nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals, from tap water. This completely purifies all tap water and provides the basis for ideal aquarium water. myAqua achieves a water yield of up to 1:1 and contains only natural filter materials, without chemical additives. Four different filters are used for optimal effectiveness. The filtration starts with a fine filter that removes suspended matter. This is followed by the first carbon filter. This removes odours, discolouration, chlorine and other chemical components from the water. Now the tap water is passed through a filter membrane, which absorbs 99% of all pollutants, salts, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria. Finally, the water enters a second carbon filter, which acts as an after-filter for final purification. A separately available resin filter can be used for filtering the finest residues of silicate, nitrate and other dissolved organic and inorganic substances. For reliable filtration, a change of media is indicated via LED and sound signal and the filters can be easily unscrewed from the anchorage on the osmosis system. The water tap supplied for the filtered osmosis water can be installed on any standard sink. An installation set is included in the scope of delivery.

reverse osmosis system

myAqua reverse osmosis system set up


  • Complete osmosis system for pure tap water
  • Quickly and effectively filters out up to 99% of all substances in tap water
  • Four different filter media included
  • Mounting set included in the scope of delivery
  • Extendable with a resin filter

Technical data

ARKA myAqua1.900 Reverse osmosis system
Daily output 1.900 Litres water
Osmosis water/residual water Yield ca. 1 : 1 - 1,5
Salt retention 98% - 99%
Flow rate max. 1,32 Litres/min
Operating pressure 1 - 4 Bar
Usable water temperature 5° - 38° C
Power consumption 70 W


ARKA myAqua1.900 Reverse osmosis system
Length 434 mm
Wide 163 mm
Height 418 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Water tap
  • 1.500 mm hose (supply)
  • 3.000 mm hose (osmosis & waste water)
  • T-piece incl. valve
  • wall mounting
  • TDS meter
  • waste water clamp
  • Water connection 3/4 - 1/4
  • Shut-off valve 1/4 - 1/4
  • Filter media
  • Power supply unit



The ARKA Biotechnology GmbH has its main focus in the distribution of innovative biological and chemical water conditioners. Especially products from the brand Microbe Lift®, one of worldwide leading trademarks in terms of biological water conditioning, are distributed by ARKA in Europe. Additionally professional equipment for creating osmosis water is in the assortment. With the myScape products the portfolio is supplemented by considerable hardscape. Environmentally friendly aquaristics, healthy animals and plants along with happy customers are key points in the corporate philosophy.

General information

Item no.
EAN 4260735740022
Weight 9,20 kg
Shipping weight 13,60 kg

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