Substrate fertilisers

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  • Growth stimulating tablets for plant roots
  • Rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other factors
  • Perfect for the beginner
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  • Contain nitrogen, phosphor, iron and micro nutrients
  • Nutrients are slowly released
  • For stem plants, Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Vallisneria etc.
  • Perfect in combination with the Aqua Rebell Injector
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  • All-in-one nutrition for aquatic plants
  • Combination of bacteria and essential plant nutrients
  • Low effort, long-lasting effect
  • Harmless for fish and sensitive shrimps
  • For an aquarium without algae growth
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  • Feed plants directly at the roots
  • Clay Sticks with high iron content
  • Nutrients are beeing released over several weeks
  • Ideal for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus
  • Causes no water pollution
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  • Slow-release fertiliser for nutrient supply to the roots
  • Contains iron and minerals in a form that is easily available to the plants
  • Does not contain phosphate and nitrate
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  • For lush, strong growth
  • Plus iron and manganese for colourful leaves
  • Ideal for new setups and for supplementary fertilisation
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  • Capsule form with long-term effect
  • 2 Monate volle Versorgung
  • 2 months full supply
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  • For lush plant growth
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Forms a nutrient depot within the ground
  • Counters calcium deficiency
  • Good for long-rooted plants
Substrate fertilizer for your aquarium plants

In this category you will find substrate fertilizers as capsules, balls, powdered additives, sticks and also as tabs. With all these substrate fertilizers, you can supply your plants directly at their roots with the nutrients they need to thrive, grow healthily and develop impressive colours. The most optimal mode of application is with a so-called injector, with which you can place the capsules directly in the plant's root system, without messing everything up and without having to wet your hands unnecessarily.

Rosette plants, for example, are so-called root eaters. They benefit greatly from fertilizer capsules, fertilizer tablets or fertilizer balls, which are placed directly in the radius of their root network. Ideally, you should place the first ration of substrate fertilizer under the plants when setting up a new aquarium, before the water is filled in. You can read about the best way to build up the substrate in the article "Building the substrate".

Refertilization is due after about six months. For the placement of fertilizer capsules, it is best to use the already mentioned injector or ADA's Bottom Release. For fertilizer balls or fertilizer tabs, a pair of long, narrow, straight tweezers is suitable.

Fertilizer capsules and fertilizer balls are also suitable for replenishing an exhausted substrate. In our article "ADA substrate fertilizers", we have described exactly how this works and how you can find out where the capsules are best placed.