Dennerle Plant Care Pro Root

Dennerle Plant Care Pro Root

  • For lush, strong growth
  • Plus iron and manganese for colourful leaves
  • Ideal for new setups and for supplementary fertilisation
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Plant Care Pro Root from Dennerle provides aquarium plants with all the important nutrients they need for healthy, lush growth. All nutrients are present in a form that is directly available to the plant, with immediate and long-term effects. Valuable trace elements such as iron, magnesium and manganese and manganese, ensure lush green leaves. Red colours and attractive leaf markings are intensified.

Natural clay minerals act as a nutrient buffer. They keep the nutrients in the soil, directly at the plant roots. Plant Care Pro Root therefore does not promote algae.
The fertiliser tabs ensure that newly planted plants grow safely and vigorously right from the start. For older aquariums with depleted substrate, they replenish the nutrient reserves of the substrate in a targeted manner. Symptoms of deficiency are eliminated and the plants are given fresh vigour.

Manual Plant Care Pro Root - - download PDF


  • For lush, strong growth
  • Perfectly balanced nutrients and trace elements
  • Plus iron and manganese for colourful leaves
  • With natural clay minerals as a nutrient buffer
  • Immediate and lasting effect
  • Ideal start-up support for new plants – for fast, secure rooting
  • Fresh growing power for older plants
  • Eliminate lack of nutrients (stunted growth, pale colours, yellow leaves)
  • Send nutrients straight to the roots – does not promote algae


As a starting aid and for top dressing: Depending on the size of the plant, press 1 - 2 tabs as deeply as possible into the root area of the plant.

The nutrient depot lasts 6 - 12 months, depending on the plant species.

Plant Care Pro Root is used for targeted fertilisation via the roots


NP fertiliser 1,8 + 2,5 with trace nutrient on clay using clay minerals and fertiliser
1,8 % N total nitrogen; 2,5 % K2O total potassium oxide; 1,2 % water-soluble potassium oxide; 2,37 % Fe total iron; 0,0067 % water-soluble iron; 0,023% Mn total manganese
Net mass: see product package; Distributor: Dennerle GmbH, D-66981 Münchweiler, Germany

Starting substances: 72 % bentonite, NPK fertiliser 10 + 4 + 34 with trace nutrients. Ancillary components: 2,06 % MgO total magnesium oxide, 26,6 % organic matter. Preserving agents: Pressing agents: Povidone, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide; tablet shell with hypromellose, titanium dioxide, colouring agent Storage instructions: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Protect from heat and frost. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Instructions for use: Only for fertilising ornamental plants in aquaria. For detailed instructions for use and dosage, see above directions for use. Note: Recommendations of the official advice take precedence.

Additionally contains: 0,21 % P2O5 phosphate, 0,0037 % B boron, 0,0022 % Cu copper, 0,0008 % Mo molybdenum, 0,0068 % Zn zinc



Dennerle has been operating in Vinnigen since its foundation in 1966 and, after more than 50 years of company history, the building blocks Dennerle relies on is experience. The philosophy behind Dennerle is to create a small and tangible, intact piece of nature, in harmony with the natural environment. That is why sustainability is a company-wide concept and is implemented at every possible point. In order to achieve an ecologically balanced aquarium, Dennerle relies on a system that is based on 5 pillars. Animals, plants, water, substrate and lighting. Dennerle offers the optimum equipment to bring this complex, but not complicated system into harmony.

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