Aquatic plants

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  • Also known as Ludwigia sp. 'Super Red'
  • The reddest Ludwigia
  • Relatively small leaves
  • Ramifies well
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  • Compact carpet or bush
  • Very nice between rocks and stones
  • Relatively slow grower
  • Very popular in aquascaping
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  • Small highly decorative plant
  • Curled, very narrow leaves
  • Eyecatcher for the fore- and middleground
  • Very popular in aquascaping
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  • Still little known novelty
  • Leaves half the size of normal Hydrocotyle tripartita
  • Very interesting for aquascaping
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  • Colourful stem plant
  • Wavy, delicate leaves
  • Strong contrast against green plants
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  • Similar to Cryptocoryne, broad leaves
  • Young leaves are pink
  • Suitable as solitaire
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  • Also known as Micranthemum glomeratum and "M. micranthemoides"
  • Delicate fresh green stem plant
  • Small leaves
  • Forms dense bushes
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  • Rare stem plant from South America
  • Narrow leaves, arranged in a whorl
  • Magnificent orange to red coloration