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Without filters, most aquariums simply do not run properly. In this category you can buy everything necessary for a smooth operation. Filters like the EX plus can create a flow that resembles a natural river course. Many freshwater fish benefit from a natural flow environment. They have become accustomed to it over the course of evolution and need this extra movement for a healthy life. Sometimes, however, there is simply no room for an external filter and a cabinet. The solution: the Tetra IN plus internal filter can be positioned inside the aquarium. Such an internal filter is particularly recommended for aquariums between 50 and 150 litres or to support the external filter. However, an aquarium filter can only be as good as its individual components. The quality and the correct composition of the filter materials are decisive. In order to create and maintain a balance in the water, it is not only necessary to clean the water mechanically using filter fleece, sponges or filter rings, but also to filter the water biologically and, in some cases, chemically. The biological filter materials Tetras can be used universally in most filters. Due to their high surface area, they offer nitrifying bacteria an optimal settlement surface. Thus, ammonia nitrate and nitrite are converted by biological processes and rendered harmless. Highly active carbon filter media can bind chemical substances such as chlorine or chloramine and filter them out of the water. Heavy metal ions such as cadmium, lead or copper, which are already present in low concentrations, and even medication residues, which are otherwise potentially dangerous for fish, are also bound by activated carbon. Activated carbon media have a very high efficiency but are non-directional. Therefore, these media should always be used with caution and not permanently. Since trace elements that are essential for survival, such as magnesium or iron and nutrients are filtered out of the water, this can lead to an imbalance in the medium term.