New ADA liquid fertilizers
Everything important about the new ADA products

The manufacturer ADA has revised her series of fertilizers and care products. In addition to a new design (square bottles), there are also some content changes. We'll show you what's up with the new names and explain to you the new products.

ADA - New Brighty - K

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The old "Brighty" series

ADA - Brighty K

The renowned "Green Brighty" line of fertilizers from ADA used to include the following components:

The new "Brighty" line

The new "Brighty" line of fertilizers sees the introduction of different names. Brighty K is replaced by the New Brighty K . Since this potassium fertilizer also increases carbonate hardness, the additional Green Brighty Neutral K was conceived, which is neutral in water and suitable for use in aquariums in which a hardening is not wanted.

ADA - Brighty K - NEW - 300 ml ADA - Green Brighty - Neutral K - 300 ml

New Brighty K und Green Brighty Neutral K

The Step fertilizers have been given a new concept, which now builds up on each other, instead of the method of replacing the fertilizer depending on the age of the aquarium. Green Brighty Step 1 is now called Green Brighty Mineral. In order to get a Green Brighty Step 2, you complement the Green Brighty Mineral with the component Green Brighty Iron. This provides the aquatic plants with iron more intensely.

ADA - Green Brighty - fertilizing system

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For Green Brighty Step 3 the fertilizers New Green Brighty Mineral and New Green Brighty Iron are eventually complemented with the component Green Brighty Neutral K.

To get the Green Brighty Special Shade fertilizer, you combine the two components Green Brighty Mineral and Green Brighty Neutral K. For Green Brighty Special Lights, Green Brighty Mineral and Green Brighty Neutral K are supplemented with the new fertilizer Green Brighty Nitrogen, which is an individual nitrogen component.

ADA - Green Brighty - Nitrogen - 300 ml

The advantage of this new concept is that the fertilizer components better build on each other. Depending on the life of the aquarium, additional fertilizers are purchased, which are then used together with the previous components, instead of exchanging them, as in the old concept. This ensures improved sustainability. In addition, with the now clear division of individual components, you are much more flexible and can better adjust the nutrient requirements of your individual aquarium.

ADA - New Brighty - Dünger

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All new "Brighty" fertilizers are available as 180 ml or 300 ml containers.