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  • Replacement strainers for ArtemioSet
  • 4 different mesh sizes from 0,15/0,3/0,6/1,0 mm
  • Tailored for Artemio 2 collection container
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  • Complete cultivation set
  • Live feed in 24 - 48 hrs
  • Incl. stand, air pump, hose, collection container and Artemia strainer
  • Easily expandable
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  • High-yield complete food
  • Liquid feed for the own rearing of live feeds
  • For the nutrition of Artemia
  • With homogenized phytoplankton
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  • Original spare part
  • Artemio O-ring
  • For JBL Artemio Set
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  • Replacement strainer for ArtemioSet or other Artemia rearing devices
  • Mesh size of 0,15 mm
  • Also suitable for other types of live food
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  • Replacement selection cup for ArtemioSet
  • Transparent collection container made of sturdy plastic
  • Perfect fit for the Artemio strainer (Artemio 3) and the strainer set (Artemio 4)
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  • Incubator to extend the ArtemioSet
  • Almost unlimited expandability due to coupling
  • Air forwarding device for further incubators included
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  • Artemia eggs for the production of live food
  • High hatching rate
  • 1-3 measuring spoons Artemia eggs for 0,5 l salt water
JBL - Artemio

With the Artemio products from JBL you can easily raise fresh Artemia nauplii as live food for your young fish, for nano fish, but also for shrimp and larger aquarium fish. With the ArtemioMix you can use a ready-made mixture of salt and Artemia eggs or you can use individual components with ArtemioPur and ArtemioSal. With ArtemioFluid you can accumulate or even raise the nauplii. So you can offer your aquarium fish a particularly rich live food.