Substrate fertiliser

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  • Contain nitrogen, phosphor, iron and micro nutrients
  • Nutrients are slowly released
  • For stem plants, Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Vallisneria etc.
  • Perfect in combination with the Aqua Rebell Injector
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  • Ideally suited as the basis for every nature aquarium
  • Porous volcanic rock ensures the water circulation at the bottom
  • Promotes the settlement of microorganisms
  • Rich in valuable minerals and trace elements
  • Grain size approx. 4 - 8 mm
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  • Slow-release nutrient depot
  • Natural concentrate made of clay and peat fibres
  • Is used in combination with gravel during the set-up phase
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  • All-in-one nutrition for aquatic plants
  • Combination of bacteria and essential plant nutrients
  • Low effort, long-lasting effect
  • Harmless for fish and sensitive shrimps
  • For an aquarium without algae growth
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  • Slow-release fertiliser for nutrient supply to the roots
  • Contains iron and minerals in a form that is easily available to the plants
  • Does not contain phosphate and nitrate
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  • Complete nutrient supply plus extra iron depot
  • Ideal in combination with black gravel
  • Selected clay minerals regulate the balance of nutrients
  • For safe and quick strong-growth of plants
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  • For lush plant growth
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Forms a nutrient depot within the ground
  • Counters calcium deficiency
  • Good for long-rooted plants
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  • Nutrient substrate for plants
  • Stores important nutrient
  • Available in two sizes
  • Is added to the aquarium beneath the substrate
We have the right substrate fertilizer for your aquarium

In an aquarium with aquatic plants, they can be supplied with various nutrients over their roots, using a soil fertilizer. Substrate fertilizers are by principle a layer of long-term fertilizers with depot effect, inserted under the actual top layer of substrate (e.g. gravel or soil). Over their roots, the aquarium plants are provided with all important micro- and macronutrients by the fertilizer for a long time. These nutrients include, for example, iron and other trace elements, but also potassium or magnesium. Especially strongly root-feeding plants like Cryptocorynes, Echinodorus and Vallisnerias profit a lot from a substrate rich in nutrients.

In aquaristics these substrate fertilizers often consist of very porous and rather coarse materials such as pumice or lava, which is enriched with nutrients using various additives. The large surface area created by the high porosity of these materials gives useful bacteria enough room for settlement. In addition, the coarse structure in the lower soil layers ensures that this zone is flushed well and doesn't get directly compressed. This ensures a good nutrient transport and the necessary oxygen supply to the plants' roots for a long time. These factors are vital for both, the growth of aquatic plants and the establishment of a stable bacterial milieu in the soil.

The life of an aquascape or plant aquarium can be significantly increased by using a soil fertilizer. In addition, the microbiological functionality inside the soil itself will improve, which in the long run ensures a more stable ecosystem in the entire aquarium. In addition, basing on the same principle as substrate fertilization, the targeted use of fertilizer pellets, tabs or capsules can stimulate the growth of certain plants as this increases the supply of nutrients directly at the roots.

In our online shop we offer substrate fertilizers from well-known manufacturers such as JBL, ADA and Cal Aqua Labs.