ADA Power Sand Advance

ADA Power Sand Advance

  • Ideal complement for the substrate system by ADA
  • Prevents the substrate from compaction
  • Improves the growth rate of microorganisms
  • Particularly rich in nutrients
  • Natural porous volcanic rock combined with humus
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Power Sand Advance is the follow up product of Power Sand Special and is a base substrate material designed for providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promoting growth of substrate bacteria. Porous volcanic stones secure the water circulation, and organic nutrients promote the growths of bacteria. Please select right size, S, M, L according to the depth of aquarium tank.

A new substrate has a good circulation of water which carries oxygen to stimulate bacterial activity and the development of plant roots. This is the ideal condition of substrate, in order to establish a balanced ecosystem. After some time, however, various factors may cause problems in the substrate.

Some time after setup, water pressure or calcium in the water hardens the substrate. At this time, water circulation within the substrate is obstructed and bacterial activity declines. Such a condition causes problems in root development and growth of aquatic plants.

Although problems would not appear at early stages, a substrate with only one kind of granule does not provide enough water circulation down to the bottom In a short time. Waste matters from plants and plant roots block the space between granules and obstruct the water circulation.

The mixed substrate with Power Sand at the bottom secures good water circulation due to the shape and size of the granules. Even when aquatic plants have been growing for long periods and waste matter accumulates, Power Sand composed of porous volcanic stones maintains proper water circulation.

The growth of aqua plants like Echinodorus or Cryptocoryne, plants that absorb nutrients from its root, largely depends upon the amount of nutrients within the substrate. Unlike ordinary Power Sand, Power Sand Special provides more minerals and nutrients to the substrate, as it also contains Bacter 100 and Clear Super.


  • Size S for tanks up to 40 cm in height
  • Size M for tanks from 40 to 60 cm in height
  • Size L for tanks above 60 cm in height
  • Very rich in nutrients
  • Contains Bacter 100, Clear Super and Tourmaline BC for the optimal start of your aquascape
  • Sufficient supply of oxygen is vital for aerobic bacteria. Insufficient oxygen prompts the activity of anaerobic bacteria which produce toxic substances such as nitrous acid
  • Organic matter in Power Sand or other bottom fertilizers such as Multi Bottom or Iron Bottom, can be absorbed by aquatic plants, only when they are broken down to inorganic matter by bacteria
  • Silt gathers around plant roots and provides a good medium for bacterial colonization. Proper functions of bacteria, through their nitrifying processes, change ammonia to nitrogen compounds which are then consumed by aquatic plants through their roots
  • Works effectively to stimulate the establishment of association between bacteria and aquatic plants
  • Nutrients contained in Power Sand are slowly dissolved and absorbed by plant roots

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Aquarium size Power Sand Basic alternatively Power Sand Special
54l-80l / (60x30x35cm) 1x Power Sand Basic-S 1x Power Sand Advance-S
160-220l / (100x40x50cm) 2-3x Power Sand Basic-S 1x Power Sand Advance-M
240-300l / (120x45x45cm) 3x Power Sand Basic-S 1x Power Sand Advance-M
540-680l / (180x60x60cm) 6-8x Power Sand Basic-S 1x Power Sand Advance-L



Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is the premium brand in aquascaping and Nature Aquaria. The company was founded by Takashi Amano, who applied the elements of the Japanese art of gardening to planting and decorating aquaria. For Takashi Amano, clearly the focus is on creating especially attractive habitats with his Nature Aquaria and aquascapes. The products manufactured by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) are of a very high quality, they complement the overall effect such a Nature Aquarium has on its contemplators, and they complete the artistic impression of the layout.

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Jefim G.
ADA это премиум кач
17th August 2021
ADA - Power Sand - Advance
ADA - Power Sand - Advance

Призапуске травников уже... (read more)

João G.
Excellent service!
28th June 2021
ADA - Power Sand - Advance
ADA - Power Sand - Advance

Excellent service and fast and proper delivery respecting the time that was programmed. Definitely gained a customer for future purchases. Congratulations!

Muy buen producto!
10th October 2019
ADA - Power Sand - Advance
ADA - Power Sand - Advance

Power sand advance ayuda a la salud del sustrato y las raices de las las plantas especialmente de las que comen mas por las raices , yo soy fan de las crytocoryne y desde hace... (read more)