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Adsorptive filter media for the aquarium: Efficient water purification in a professional way

Have we made a typo? Isn't it actually called absorptive?

Actually, absorption and adsorption are two different chemical processes.

Absorption refers to the penetration of substances into a material, whereby the substances penetrate the structure of the material and are absorbed into it.

Adsorption refers to the adhesion of substances to the surface of a material without them penetrating the material. The substances remain attached to the surface.

Adsorptive filter media are extremely helpful in optimising the quality of the water in the aquarium in a decisive way. The well-being of fish and aquatic plants is greatly influenced by such filtered water. This article explains how adsorptive filter media works and why it is invaluable to an aquarium.

Adsorptive filter media are specially designed materials that are used to remove impurities from the water in an aquarium. Unlike absorbent media, which absorb liquids, adsorptive media work in a way that particles and molecules stick to their surface. In this way, it is possible to remove a wide range of contaminants, including pollutants, chemicals, dyes and odours.

Adsorptive filter media in aquarium filters are usually equipped with tiny pores and a large surface area. This structure allows the media to efficiently absorb contaminants. As water flows through the filter, the unwanted particles settle on the surface of the filter media, purifying the water.

Adsorptive filter media are highly effective at removing pollutants such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and heavy metals such as cadmium or copper. Depending on their concentration, these substances can be potentially dangerous for fish and invertebrates. They enter the aquarium either through the tap water or through the metabolisation of fish food as well as through fertilisers. Especially an accumulation of these substances should be prevented by the appropriate filter measures.

The use of adsorptive media significantly improves the water quality. A positive side effect is that water turbidity is also reduced. The result is clear and healthy water.

Adsorptive filter media also contribute to the reduction of unpleasant odours. These are often caused by fish excretions, algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria.

Adsorptive filter media are an indispensable component of an efficient aquarium filter. They help to improve the water quality, remove pollutants and create a healthy environment for the fish and plants.