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Pumps - For the right flow in the terrarium

Pumps in an aquarium are an essential component. Whether as a filter or to create a flow, they provide water circulation and distribution of oxygen as the basis of life for many creatures. Especially in the initial phase a fundamental element. But also, in terrascaping the small performers are an important component. If the water does not move, harmful substances can accumulate, which have a negative effect on plants and living creatures.

In addition, a pump can make a decisive contribution to the design. Well hidden, it feeds, for example, a waterfall or a small stream surrounded by beautiful mosses, bromeliadsand ferns.

We offer a variety of different pumps in our store. Here under Terrascaping we have gathered the smallest pumps from a wide selection. Many manufacturers offer small pumps. A special variant is the flat-water filter MiniFLAT from EHEIM with a height of 127 mm. But other manufacturers also have pumps in a small format.