Lighting - Make the plants shine!

Illumination in the terrarium: a key factor for your thriving ecosystem. The lighting in your terrarium plays a key role in creating a vibrant and balanced ecosystem. In a closed habitat such as a terrarium, the natural source of sunlight is not available to the same extent. However, modern and energy-saving LED lights can achieve daylight-like conditions even in a confined space, so that light energy is no longer a problem even for demanding rainforest plants.

Light is the driving force behind photosynthesis in your plants. It is therefore important that you make sure you buy sufficiently dimensioned lighting with the right spectrum. Your terrarium plants need light cycles that correspond to their natural life rhythms. The right lighting and an appropriate lighting duration help the plants to regulate themselves and remain vital.

The lighting in your terrarium plays a crucial role in creating microclimates. It influences temperature and humidity. For sun-loving and heat-tolerant plants, you can build terraces in the terrarium so they can benefit from maximum exposure and higher temperatures. Mosses, lichens, and some epiphytes prefer more shaded conditions. In our terrascaping online shop, you'll find the right lighting product for all plants and combinations.

For terrariums that replicate specific ecosystems like deserts or rainforests, lighting is the key factor. It can mimic the colours, intensity, and duration of sunlight to create an authentic environment. Background lighting adds an extra dimension of colour and depth to your terrarium, highlighting the plants' vibrant colours and intensifying the contrasts created by hardscape elements. Colour-changing LEDs can provide diverse and atmospheric lighting.

Choosing the right lighting accessories depends on the specific needs of your terrarium inhabitants and the desired aesthetics. By using high-quality lighting accessories and carefully matching them to the needs, you can create an environment that is both functional and visually appealing. Different plant species have varying light needs. Customised lighting allows you to maintain a wide range of plants with different requirements.

Overall, lighting in the terrarium is a key element that significantly affects plant growth. Choosing the right lamps, light intensity, and duration, and adjusting to your plants' needs helps to create a vibrant and healthy ecosystem.