Accessories - Everything Around Lighting

Perfect your terrascaping project with professional lighting accessories. Discover the variety of high-quality lighting accessories in our terrascaping online shop and take your terrarium to the next level. With smart and programmable lights from Chihiros, equipped with the innovative Chihiros Commander, you can control your terrarium lighting system via Bluetooth and mobile devices. Suitable controllers for nearly all Chihiros lighting models are available from us, allowing you to individually adjust day cycles and light intensities.

Enhance the aesthetics of your terrarium with our practical rope suspensions, which allow you to elegantly fix your lights to the ceiling or on a special tripod. For seamless integration into your room concept, we also offer stylish stands and feet like the DOOA - Magnet Light Stands or acrylic feet, which are perfect for open terrariums or aqua-terrariums.

Our range also includes further essential accessories to give your terrascaping project the finishing touch. From rope suspensions to LED converters to magnet stands - we offer the right solution for every need. Browse through our selection and find the appropriate accessories for your lighting. Let your terrascaping shine in a new light and create with us a fascinating miniature ecosystem that excites.