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Plant care - For the terrarium

Targeted fertilisation for magnificent plants in Terrascapes and Wabi-Kusa. In an artistically designed Terrascape or a carefully designed Wabi-Kusa, targeted fertilisation of the plants is a decisive factor for their well-being and lush growth. While submerged aquatic plants obtain their nutrients mainly from the water column and sometimes also from the substrate, emersed aquatic plants require nutrient-rich soil and specialised fertilisers, some of which are sprayed directly onto the plant.

DOOA, an ADA brand, offers a solution to this challenge in the form of WABI-KUSA Mist. This fertiliser is specially tailored to the needs of emersed aquatic plants and tropical plants and provides them with a precise combination of nutrients that is essential for healthy growth.

Epiphytic plants such as tillandsias, bromeliads and orchids, which in nature do not anchor their roots in the soil but in the air, also require a special nutrient supply. This is provided in the form of spray-on fertilisers that meet the specific requirements of this unique group of plants. DOOA Mist can also be used here.

For classic terrarium plants, a regular supply of fertiliser via the soil substrate is also necessary. These ensure that the plants can absorb all the nutrients they need through their roots.

Loving care and the right choice of nutrients enable all plants to transform a terrascape into a breathtaking green oasis. Visitors and onlookers can admire the development of the plants and will always discover new, fascinating aspects of nature.

Visit our online shop and find the ideal fertilisers for your Terrascape or Wabi-Kusa. With our expertise and the right products, you can ensure that your green treasures receive the best care and that your home ecosystem shines in all its glory.