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Hardscape - A fascinating world full of contrasts

Terrascaping, the art of natural landscaping in terrariums, is largely defined by the selection and arrangement of hardscape elements. Stones, roots and back walls form the cornerstones for an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

Stones are more than just decorative elements; they structure the space and help to stabilise the substrate layers. Different types of stone, such as dragon stone, lava stone or mini landscape, enable a wide range of design options, from rocky cliffs to gentle hilly landscapes. They also provide important hiding and basking places for the inhabitants and support the natural appearance of the terrarium.

Roots, especially those from mangroves or mopani wood, are an essential component of terrascaping. They simulate natural habitats, help the terrarium inhabitants to climb and offer unique opportunities for epiphytic plants to establish themselves. The organic shapes of the roots contribute to a dynamic and three-dimensional design.

Back walls not only serve as a backdrop, but also as an active part of the habitat. They can be made of different materials such as cork, bamboo or special terrarium rear wall panels and offer additional space for creative planting. They also contribute to heat regulation and support the creation of different climate zones in the terrarium.

A well thought-out placement of the hardscape elements is crucial for a balanced terrarium. It forms the framework on which the natural processes can orientate themselves. The materials should be selected harmoniously and arranged in a way that fulfils both the visual and practical requirements of the terrarium inhabitants.

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