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  • Made of high-quality ingredients
  • Replace a complete meal
  • 4 different flavours
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  • Prevents small animals from being sucked into the filter
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Fits 10, 13 and 17 mm glass ware
  • Perfect for shrimpbreeding
  • Available in long and short variation
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  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Facilitates plant cultivation in an extra container
  • The necessary suction cups are included
  • Also highly suitable for terraria
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  • Especially desigend for feeding bottom-dwelling animals
  • Prevents food rests from getting into the substrate
  • Easy observation of the animals by targeted feeding
  • Easy to clean
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  • Ideal mineral mixture for planted tanks
  • Perfect for re-mineralising RO water
  • Doesn't contain sodium and chloride
  • Raises total hardness only
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  • Protects small animals
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Perfect for shrimpbreeding
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  • Promotes plant growth and microbial regeneration
  • For re-mineralising RO water and rainwater
  • Contains all important minerals and trace elements
  • Does not influence carbonate hardness (KH) to a significant extent
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  • Prevents small animals from being sucked into the filter
  • Specially made for skimmers
  • Perfect for shrimpbreeding
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
Shrimp for your aquarium - Not only useful, but also beautiful!

Dwarf shrimp are still very popular in aquaristics. They were made popular first and foremost by the Japanese aquarium designer and father of the nature aquarium Takashi Amano, who mostly used the popular Amano Shrimp Caridina multidentata which was also named after him. Due to their useful activity of taking special care of young algae growth, shrimp are also very popular in aquascaping, above all because they can also be used in nanoaquariums in which no fish can be kept due to their size. For the basics of shrimp keeping we recommend the article Shrimp tank in our Aquascaping Wiki.

In the aquascape, the small colourful crawlers not only effectively take care of young algae and biofilms, which they like to eat, but they also set great visual accents with their sometimes very bright and intense colours and patterns. Above all, the bright red Red Sakuras or the red and white or black and white striped Bee Shrimp are real eye-catchers in a predominantly green plant aquarium. More info concerning the keeping of shrimp especially in plant aquariums can be found in this article in our Aquascaping Wiki.

Here at Aquasabi's online shop you'll get everything you need for the successful keeping and breeding of dwarf shrimp in a planted aquarium or aquascape: dark, brown and bright active soil, which adjusts the water values for shrimp appropriately, various natural products, liquid and powdery additives for water care and water treatment.

You will also find products for remineralisation and water hardening of osmosis water or demineralised water such as the well-known brand Salty Shrimp and also corresponding products from Dennerle, Borneo Wild, Seachem, Drak and Preis.

We also offer a large selection of different products for shrimp breeding and the care of dwarf shrimp: In our shop you'll find many different devices for making your filter inflow shrimp-safe. You can find more information about feeding shrimp in our Wiki article Making your filter shrimp-proofFilter garnelensicher machen. We also offer various feeding options such as feed trays and pods, which protect the soil from crumbs during feeding. We have also written an article in which you can inform yourself about the exact handling of the feed tray and feeding tube: Feed tray for shrimp in an aquarium. In the Aquasabi webshop you will also find proper hiding places for dwarf shrimp and of course a selection of practical fish nets in many different sizes.

In addition to good water, a balanced, animal-friendly diet is also very important for shrimp breeding. In nature, most dwarf shrimps are omnivores and detritivores of everything that accumulates in the water: fallen foliage and plant remains, the one or other insect larvae they are able to catch, carrion, but above all, they eat the ubiquitous biofilms, tirelessly grazing with their small, bristly scissor hands. Premium shrimp food such as the Shrimp King product range from Dennerle or the food varieties from GlasGarten provides the dwarf shrimp in the aquarium with high-quality, species-appropriate protein and lots of fibre. High-quality powdered food makes sense for baby shrimp because it reaches all areas in the aquarium and the little ones are not so mobile, yet. Mineral food is helpful in shell development, and treats such as shrimp snacks offer a welcome change to the diet of dwarf shrimp. You can find more information about feeding shrimp in our Wiki article Feeding shrimp properly.