starting at 7,90
€ 0,99 / piece
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  • Made of high-quality ingredients
  • Replace a complete meal
  • 4 different flavours
starting at 7,90
€ 225,71 / kg
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  • Well-balanced appropriate food for dwarf shrimps
  • With natural vitamins
  • Ensures a healthy development and successful moults
  • Still tasty after a longer time in the water
  • Consists of 100% natural ingredients
starting at 8,90
€ 178,00 / kg
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  • Mineral food for shrimp, crabs and snails
  • Cares for proper growth of exoskelleton
  • Prevents snail shell growth faults
  • Contains all important minerals
  • Extra portion of herbs
starting at 9,50
€ 271,43 / kg
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  • Improves biofilm development
  • Probiotic bacteria regulate the shrimps' digestion
  • Increased microflora/-fauna improves water quality
  • Makes the environment in the aquarium habitable
starting at 7,20
€ 266,67 / kg
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  • 100% Natural Snack
  • Contains all important vitamins and nutrients
  • Natural ingredients
  • The snail food remains dimensionally stable in the water
€ 0,81 / piece
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  • Mineral addition for invertebrates
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Support the moulting process
  • Reduce pitting of snails
starting at 7,90
€ 225,71 / kg
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  • Supplementary feed for ornamental shrimp
  • Activates and promotes the formation of the immune system
starting at 4,90
€ 163,33 / kg
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  • Tasty snack for shrimp, crabs and snails
  • Natural ingredients
  • Different flavours
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements
GlasGarten - premium aquaristic products from the Logemann brothers!

GlasGarten is a private label of the well-known shrimp breeders from Hamburg, the Logemann brothers. Under this label many great products are offered for the breeding of dwarf shrimp and other invertebrates and also for aquascaping. These include first and foremost, many different types of feed, but also bacterial additives and water conditioners. For plant aquariums and aquascaping, the Environment Soil substrate and the GlasGarten white glass tanks are particularly interesting. Alle Produkte stehen für eine ausgezeichnete Premium Qualität, welche von passionierten Aquarianern für passionierte Aquarianer entwickelt wurde.