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Fluval - Filtering

Filtration is crucial to the purity and clarity of the aquarium water and to the well-being of the animals in the aquarium. Organic waste and excreta from the inhabitants pollute the water over time. The ammonia concentration increases, nitrites can develop, sand is stirred up. In order to maintain the quality of the water, these residues can be effectively filtered by modern and powerful filters such as the Fluval 07 er the fx or the U-series with multi-chamber systems. Mechanical Biofoam filter mats remove coarse dirt particles, sand or mulm from the water. Chemical filter components such as Fluval Carbon neutralise potential hazards such as heavy metals, copper or chlorine. With Biomax, Fluval also offers high-performance biological filter media. These offer a large settlement surface for nitrifying bacteria and thus effectively filter dangerous substances such as nitrite from the nitrate cycle and convert them into nitrates, i.e. valuable plant fertiliser.

Filter media perfectly adapted to each aquarium can be purchased in our shop. Nitrate remover, phosphate remover, activated carbon, ammonia remover, Biofoam filter mats or Biomax medium are the perfect addition to a Fluval filter. Thanks to the perfect fit of the sponges and highly efficient, cleverly combined media, crystal-clear water will no longer be a problem, even in densely populated aquariums.