Fluval - Lighting

Fluval's Aquasky LED lighting solutions offer via Bluetooth customisable colour spectrums, programmable 24-hour lighting cycles, weather effects and 120° of even, broadband illumination through the FluvalSmartAPP. The lamps are waterproof to IP 67 and can withstand even brief submersion without risk.
The new C.O.B. (Chip on Board) lamps are extremely advanced and are particularly suitable for nano aquariums due to their flexibility. The Fluval Plant Nano with Bluetooth control are a novelty in the nano lamp class. The combination of power, flexibility and safety make them a perfect companion for numerous projects.
The Prism Spotlight LED is worthwhile for effective staging and highlighting details in the scape. By means of a strong RGB light cone, playful effects can be created or the Iwagumi can be perfectly staged for the final shot.