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  • Connects two different hose diameters
  • Made of sturdy plastic
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  • For maintanance of aquatic products
  • Waterneutral
  • Free from FCKW and oils, not toxic for environment
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  • With integrated shut-off valves
  • No wet feet when you separate the hoses
  • Very Robust and with a long useful life
  • Make cleaning the filter so much easier
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  • Foam traps dirt particles mechanically
  • Bacteria cultures colonise in the pores
  • Reusable several times over
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  • Integrated WiFi function
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Connectable to other Eheim products
  • Very smooth running
  • Software supported cleaning
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  • Precise temperature adjustment from 20 up to 32 °C
  • Handy cable length ca. 170 cm
  • 10 sizes for aquariums from 20 up to 1.200 litres
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
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  • Porous material traps large and small dirt particles
  • Good colonisation conditions for bacteria cultures
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  • Binds chlorine and other chemical substances
  • Use during set-up or after treatment with medications
  • Use for a short period (ca. 4 weeks)