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  • With integrated shut-off valves
  • No wet feet when you separate the hoses
  • Very Robust and with a long useful life
  • Make cleaning the filter so much easier
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  • Integrated WiFi function
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Connectable to other Eheim products
  • Very smooth running
  • Software supported cleaning
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  • High-grade synthetic material
  • For coupling hoses with identical diameter
  • Different sizes available
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  • Easy handling
  • Three different sizes
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  • Connects two different hose diameters
  • Made of sturdy plastic
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  • Optimised bio-filter medium made from sintered glass
  • High bulk density due to spherical shape
  • Very dense colonisation of bacteria
  • Reusable
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  • Expands functionality ot the EHEIM classicLEDs
  • Daily schedules easily programmable
  • 30 dimming levels for daylight
  • 4 dimming levels of moonlight
  • Easy installation
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  • Extendable LED light
  • Optimal emission angulation
  • Slightly raised red wavelength
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Colour temperature especially natural