Chihiros - CO2

The art of aquascaping, the creation of stunning underwater landscapes, requires a deep understanding of the various factors that affect the balance and beauty of an aquarium. One essential aspect that can be easily overlooked, but is of fundamental importance, is the supply of carbon dioxide (CO2). A balanced CO2 supply is not only essential for the healthy growth of aquatic plants, but also gives an aquascape that exceptional aesthetic that sets it apart from ordinary aquariums.

A balanced CO2 supply in the aquarium is a significant pillar for magnificent plant growth and impressive aquascapes.

Chihiros offers high-quality and well-designed accessories to make CO2 supply in the aquarium as easy and reliable as possible.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a vital gas that plays a central role in photosynthesis, a fundamental process for plant growth. During photosynthesis, plants use light energy to absorb CO2 from water and convert it into carbohydrates and oxygen. These carbohydrates serve as the energy source for plant growth and development. Without sufficient CO2, the photosynthesis process is hindered, resulting in reduced plant growth and, in the worst case, plant death.

A balanced CO2 supply is therefore crucial for the growth and vitality of aquatic plants. However, it should not be too much either, as aquarium inhabitants such as invertebrates and fish can tolerate an oversupply of CO2 worse than aquarium plants.

The reliable equipment from Chihiros ensures a sufficient supply of CO2, from the discreet pressure reducer to the bubble counter and diffuser. A continuous test can be used to read how much CO2 is being introduced into the aquarium. For aquascaping, values of 20mg/l - 30 mg/l have established themselves as the gold standard.

An aquascape that aims to create a stunning underwater landscape benefits enormously from a controlled CO2 supply.

In turn, healthy and vigorous aquatic plants have a competitive advantage over algae. Well-growing plants take up nutrients and effectively compete with algae for these resources, reducing the risk of unwanted algae growth.

Overall, a balanced CO2 supply in the aquarium is essential to promote the growth and beauty of aquatic plants. For an aquascape that catches the eye and captures the beauty of the underwater world, an adequate CO2 supply is one of the fundamental pillars that contribute to the realization of this artistic masterpiece. By consciously controlling and monitoring CO2 levels, aquascapers can create the most magnificent and impressive underwater landscapes that blur the lines between art and nature.