Chihiros CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid Valve

Chihiros CO2 Pressure Regulator with Solenoid Valve

  • Small and strong pressure regulator
  • Gauge for working pressure
  • Needle valve for fine adjustments
  • W21,8 thread for reusable cylinders
  • Solenoid valve included
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The Chihiros CO2 Pressure Regulator is a small, ready-to-use application for reusable CO2-cylinders that combines the reduction of the cylinder's pressure with a possible night shutdown. Thanks to its unobtrusive design and compact construction, this pressure reducer does not take up any valuable space, meaning that the CO2-system can be placed discreetly in the base cabinet. Moreover, even when placed outside the cabinet, it does not distract from the view of the carefully designed underwater landscape.

The Chihiros CO2 Pressure Regulator reduces the pressure of a CO2 gas cylinder from 57 bar to a working pressure suitable for aquaristics. The W21,8 thread makes the pressure reducer suitable for use with reusable CO2-cylinders. The precise adjustment option provided by the fine needle valve and the high quality of workmanship make it possible to precisely adjust the CO2-supply for aquariums of all types. Aquascapes and also professional applications such as nursery tanks can be set to precisely defined CO2-concentrations with the help of the Chihiros pressure reducer, whereby the use of the Chihiros Bubble Counter is recommended to control the exact supply. The output pressure gauge shows a range of 0 to 90 psi (up to approximately 6 bar) and at the same time informs about the filling level of the bottle when the pressure decreases.

The built-in solenoid valve is ideal for night shut-off. Either a timer or a smart socket can be used for this purpose. For digital control, the pressure reducer can be upgraded with the Chihiros Controller for CO2 pressure reducer and solenoid valve. This can be operated and programmed via Bluetooth using the myChihiros app.

The pressure reducer is also available without solenoid valve: Chihiros CO2 Pressure Regulator.


  • Easy adjustment of the amount of CO2 in the aquarium
  • Elegant and simple design at small size
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge shows working pressure in psi
  • Outlet pressure gauge range 0 to 90 psi
  • Suitable for 4/6 mm hoses
  • Can be tightened by hand
  • W21,8 thread for reusable CO2-cylinders
  • Reliable solenoid valve in scope of delivery


Only use the pressure reducer after reading the operating instructions.

  • The pressure reducer can only be operated with CO2-cylinders
  • Turn the working pressure adjustment screw anticlockwise
  • Close the fine needle valve by turning it clockwise. ATTENTION: Only tighten lightly!
  • Attach the pressure reducer to the CO2-cylinder with the union nut and tighten. The union nut must be tightened by hand! Tools must not be used at this point!
  • Make sure that the seal is correctly seated, and the sealing surfaces are clean. If the seal is damaged or lost, please replace it.
  • If a night shut-off with a solenoid valve is installed, the use of a bubble counter with a check valve.


Chihiros CO2 Pressure Reducer with Solenoid Valve
Length 105 mm
Height 8 mm
Width 110 mm


  • This product is designed for growing aquatic plants and tropical fish in an aquarium
  • Do not use this product for other purposes
  • Chihiros accepts no responsibility for illness or death of farm animals or aquatic plants
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • If the adjustment valve is too tight, the screw will be damaged by friction, resulting in inflexible adjustment



Chihiros Aquatic Studio is a technology company specialised in aquatic products. Since the foundation in 2014 the name Chihiros has produced some significant waves. Through good quality and an excellent price-performance ratio, a sustainable and growing influence on the market of aquaristic technology could be achieved. With innovative ideas, such as lamps that can be controlled via Bluetooth and WIFI, chic designs and, above all, a lot of technology at attractive prices, Chihiros has been able to secure a firm place in many living rooms and hearts of aquarium enthusiasts. In addition to LED lamps, the product range also includes accessories for aquarium filters, tools and glassware.

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