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  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Facilitates plant cultivation in an extra container
  • The necessary suction cups are included
  • Also highly suitable for terraria
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  • Cleaning detergent for aquarium glass
  • Harmless for fish and plants
  • Removes algae
  • Easy to use
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  • Perfect for attaching moss on rocks and driftwood
  • Makes planting bunch plants a breeze
  • Bonds within seconds
  • Can even be used underwater
  • Can be used for any plastics repairs
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  • Dissolves under water after some time
  • Ideal for attaching mosses to rocks or driftwood
  • Inconspicuous due to its natural green colour
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  • Ethyl 2-cyanacrylat
  • For hardscape and plants
  • Usable underwater
  • Quick bonding
  • For aquariums and terrariums
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  • Original Fluval accessories
  • Keeps sealing rings supple
  • Protects against water leakage through porous seals
  • Silicone basis
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  • Excellent for attaching moss on rocks and driftwood
  • Harmless for animals and plants
  • Made of cyanacrylate
  • Can be used under water, hardens immediately
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  • Ideal for cultivation of mosses
  • Held in place by its own weight
  • Ceramics in an unobtrusive brown colour
  • With stainless steel grid for safe fixation of mosses
Many tools for the care of your aquarium

For the care and design of an aquarium or an aquascape, having a variety of suitable tools and accessories at hand is very helpful. A suitable pair of tweezers are an important tool for setting aquatic plants in the ground properly, but also for removing things like plant residue or small decorative elements from the tank, without needlessly getting your hands wet. It shouldn't be underestimated, that it is very desireable to have your hands inside the aquarium water as little as possible: especially in shrimp breeding, unwanted substances and germs from your hands should not reach your precious breeding animals. Good plant scissors are especially handy in plant aquariums to clip old leaves and cut back plant stocks that've become too bulky, bringing them back into shape. Alongside a fish net, both tools, scissors and tweezers, should be part of an aquarist's basic set of tools. A fishnet not only serves to catch and select animals, but also makes it easier to get unwanted objects out of the water and off the surface such as plant remains, duckweed or leftover fish food.

Tweezers as well as scissors are available in various lengths and designs (straight or curved). This allows us to offer the proper solution for every situation in the aquarium. Especially where scissors are concerned, many different shapes are available for various purposes. In our online shop we offer a wide range of aquascaping tools, such as the Wave- or Spring Scissors, which are particularly suitable for pruning ground-covering aquarium plants.

Over time, the panes of an aquarium are colonized by biofilms. Visible algae coverings disturb the view of the observer, too, so they should be removed regularly. We offer various tools for cleaning the panes in our online shop, ranging from classic magnetic window cleaners over sponges to blade cleaners. The stainless steel blades popular in aquascaping are called Razor.

So-called Sand Flatteners can be very helpful in designing the substrate during the setup of a new aquarium. These spatulas are also useful little helpers in the maintenance of cosmetic sand- or gravel zones. Slopes and gradients flattened by erosion or burrowind fish and shrimp can be restored easily with them.

Many different tube brushes in all common hose diameters for the cleaning of filter hoses and the popular glass filter in- and outlets are available in our Aquasabi webshop. The filter technology of an aquarium requires regular care, too! Not only for visual reasons, but also to ensure, that the filter's flow rate and the stream in the aquarium can be kept at a constant level.

Furthermore, we offer various little helpers in our webshop for fixing aquatic plants. Be it plant glue, wires or string for binding mosses or bigger epiphytes like ferns onto the hardscape. Pads made of ceramic or plastic, which are equipped with a stainless steel mesh, are ideal as easy-to-use planting aids for mosses or ground cover.

To keep track of your entire arsenal of aquascaping tools and for keeping them at hand, tool stands or toolholders are a great solution. These provide holders for various scissors, tweezers and nets and can conveniently be attached to a pane of the aquarium. Tool belts or tool bags, are a good alternative if the aquascaper desires a more body-worn and mobile solution.

For a more detailed overview of the various tools available for your aquarium, see our article "Aquascaping Tools".