Aquascaping Tools
An overview

Aquascaping tool size

Basically you ought to choose the size of your tools according to the size of your tank. A long pair of tweezers, ideal for working in a 300 litre aquarium without the need to get your whole arm wet, would be quite impractical in a 20 litre nano tank, as its length makes reaching all the places you need to work in extremely awkward. For a small tank, a smaller pair of tweezers makes a lot more sense.

Do!aqua Pinzette S 180 mm Borneo Wild Pro Pinzette 38 straight 45 cm

Extra small and extra large: Do!aqua Pinzette S 18 cm and Borneo Wild Pro Tweezers 38 straight 45 cm.

This concept also applies to scissors: a small pair of scissors with a spring, which is a great choice for trimming ground-covering plants in a nano aquarium, may end up giving you a finger-ache when you use it in a large layout as you'd have to trim a much larger area. In large tanks, a longer pair of scissors with a greater reach is the much better alternative.

In addition it is important to consider the individual layout when it comes to choosing tools. Even in large set-ups there may be hard-to-reach places between pieces of driftwood or rocks, which require the use of special aquascaping tools. For example, curved tweezers are ideal for reaching these places in the hardscape.

Flowgrow Tweezers 30 cm curved

Basic aquascaping tools

A basic kit of aquascaping tools should comprise straight tweezers as well as curved scissors with a suitable length. A straight pair of tweezers is a good choice for the first set-up of a layout as well as for most of the maintenance work.

Flowgrow Xtra Long Scissors curved 30 cm Flowgrow Tweezers 30 cm straight

A curved pair of scissors generally can be used more universally than a pair of scissors with a straight blade. With curved scissors, you can even trim larger groups of stem plants rather effortlessly.

In addition to these tools, an algae scraper with a blade as well as a sand flattener make a lot of sense. The flattener is especially useful in layouts with large unplanted sandy areas, as you will always have a certain amount of erosion in these places.

Easy Aqua Sand Flattener 32 cm

With a sand flattener, you can easily bring these areas back into shape during your weekly maintenance work.

Special aquascaping tools

To make set-up and the regular maintenance work as easy and comfortable as possible, there are a number of special tools. First and foremost, we have wave scissors, with a doubly curved blade, which makes trimming ground-covering plants a piece of cake. In tanks with a length of 60 cm and more, this tool is a great choice. For smaller aquascapes, a pair of curved spring scissors are the better alternative. Spring scissors are just pressed together for cutting and open again all by themselves when the pressure is eased.

Flowgrow Wave Cutter Flowgrow Spring Scissors gebogen 15 cm

We also have a special tool for the easy insertion of fertiliser capsules into the substrate. With a (broad) pair of tweezers, this is a difficult and potentially very frustrating task, but with a tool like the Flowgrow injector you can place the capsules in the substrate quickly, precisely and easily.

Flowgrow Injector