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Aquario - Neo Soil

With the neo Soil Compact AQUARIO has an active ground substrate in their portfolio. Two fundamentally different versions are available. The shrimp soil is especially designed for shrimp tanks or shrimp breeding, the Plant version is intended for plant heavy aquascapes, nature aquariums or holland style aquaria. The structure of the substrate is quite unique, as the composition inside the individual soil spheres differs from that on the outside. In addition to the pH- value reduction typical of soil and the reduction of water hardness, Soil Compact is also equipped with dormant bacteria which become active on contact with water and immediately begin to break down pollutants in the aquarium. This shortens the start-up phase and quickly stabilises the aquarium biology. In addition, the absorbent effect of the substrate ensures crystal-clear water right from the start. neo Soil Compact is available in 3 or 8 litre containers.