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<b>Taxiphyllum barbieri "Java moss"</b>
Taxiphyllum barbieri "Java moss"
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Das Javamoos ist das populärste Aquarienmoos überhaupt. Es ist äußerst genügsam hinsichtlich...
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<b>Marsilea hirsuta</b><br />Rough waterclover
Marsilea hirsuta
Rough waterclover
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Marsilea hirsuta ist eine faszinierende Pflanze. Sie wird oft mit Blättern geliefert, die...
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<b>Riccardia sp. "chamedryfolia"</b><br />Coral moss
Riccardia sp. "chamedryfolia"
Coral moss
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<b>Eleocharis pusilla (parvula)</b><br />Dwarf hairgrass
Eleocharis pusilla (parvula)
Dwarf hairgrass
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Welcome at Aquasabi!

Aquascaping is your passion - and we share it! We are founding members of the aquascaping scene in Germany, run the Internet forum Flowgrow and manufacture the Aqua Rebell products, and we know exactly how to make an aquascaper?s heart beat faster. Before an article is integrated into our product range it has to pass many tests. We have tried out almost all the articles in our store in person. If something does not convince us, we do not sell it.

Besides the largest range of glassware and CO2 dispensing equipment for aquascaped tanks in Europe we offer a lot of rarities exclusively available in our web shop.

We're the perfect place to shop for your aquarium

The world of aquaristics is a relaxing one and offers you many different possibilities. Are you interested in aquascaping and aquatic plants? Or are bustling shrimp in nano tanks right up your alley? No matter if aquascape, breeding tank, planted aquarium or just the classic community aquarium with fish and shrimp, you'll surely find all you need to set up your project with the proper equipment and plants in our online shop. You can purchase aquaristics accessories from the comfort of your home and your wares will be delivered to your doorstep in a short time.


The term aquascaping means the artful setup of aquariums, in which landscape sceneries are designed underwater. Various, natural materials are used. Of course, aquarium plants are very crucial for this, but also typical decorative materials, which are called hardscape. These include above all stones and driftwood. An ample choice of popular stones like Mini Landscape, Dragon Stone and ADA Manten Stones as well as driftwood like Moorwood, Talawa, Dark Iron Driftwood and red Moorwood are available in our webshop. Where we sell stones by the kilo, all driftwoods are offered as individual, unique pieces.

We offer a large selection of popular aquascaping soils. These are active substrates, influencing the water values in a way as to create optimal environments especially for softwater-loving fish and plants. We offer first-class products from well-known manufacturers such as ADA, Cal Aqua Labs or GlasGarten. But decorative sand and gravel are popular in aquascaping, too.

Where purely technical components are concerned, the Aquasabi shop also offers everything to make an aquascaper's heart beat faster. We offer aquarium tanks in various sizes, as complete sets, individual tank made of float- or white glass. Aquarium equipment like the proper filtration using different filter types as external-, internal- and hang-on filters, as well as the appropriate lighting are crucial to the realization of your aquascaping project. Where lighting is concerned, we put emphasis on economic LED technology. Sufficiently strong lighting is vital to the vibrant growth and intense coloration of your aquatic plants.

Creative- as well as maintenance- and care work calls for the use of appropriate tools. The so-called aquascaping tools mostly consist of various plant scissors, which are available in various lengths and designs (straight or curved). The special models "Wave Scissors" and "Spring Scissors" are especially suitable for the trimming of ground covering plants in an aquascape. Tweezers are a popular tool in aquaristics to properly set aquatic plants. With such a tool, the aquascaper has it much easier than e.g. setting all plants with his bare hands. But also sand flatteners and razors (scrapers) are useful tools in aquarium maintenance.


Carbon is one of the most essential nutrients for aquatic plants. Usually this element is consumed by the plants in the shape of CO2. Even though this gas is also produced by the aquarium's inhabitants, the amount will not suffice if a higher number of fast-growing plants is present. It is advisable to support a densely planted aquascape with an additional carbon fertilization via a CO2 system. Our shop offers a rich selection of CO2 equipment for reusable CO2 systems. How exactly such a reusable system is assembled, can be looked up in the corresponding article in our Aquascaping Wiki. Apart from numerous techical components such as pressure reducers, pressure gauges, needle valves, pH controllers and night shut-offs, CO2 accessories such as bubble counters, check valves, hoses and various diffusers are available here.
You want to operate several aquariums with one CO2 system? No problem with our CO2 splitters. An individual supply for multiple aquariums can be realized on one bottle using a system of multiple needle valves.

Last but not least, there is the CO2 glassware made popular in aquascaping. Drop checkers, bubble counters and diffusers made of glass are just mentioned as examples for items available in our shop.

Bio CO2 systems or disposable solutions are a good alternative when just getting into the hobby or setting up smaller nano aquariums.


Apart from carbon and light, aquarium plants need additional nutrients. Categorically there is a distinction between macro- and micronutrients. The latter being comprised of iron alongside other trace elements such as manganese, cinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel. These elements are only needed in small amounts by the aquarium plants. In principle, a complete iron fertilizer covers exactly this bandwidth of nutrients. The so-called macronutrients are ingested in considerably higher amounts, amongs these are mainly nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Often these are united in an NPK fertilizer. A full supply of all nutrients is important for a good and healthy growth of aquarium plants. To learn more about this topic, we recommend the article Fertilizing a planted Aquarium, parts 1-3 in our Aquascaping Wiki.

The different species of aquarium plants absorb their food in varying degrees via their leaves and stems as well as through the root system. Especially intensely root-feeding plants like Vallisneria, Cryptocorynes and Echinodorus profit a lot from a high-nutrient substrate or substrate fertilization. Fertilizer balls, capsules or sticks are often used in the aquarium, specifically placed in the soil substrate, close to the roots of the aquatic plants. Aquarium plants that mainly take in their nutrients via their leaves, can be well supplemented with additional liquid fertilizer. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of liquid fertilizers such as iron and NPK fertilizers from well-known manufacturers such as Aqua Rebell, ADA, Seachem, Dennerle and JBL in our shop. Practical accessories in the form of dosing aids such as pumps, syringes, pipettes and measuring cups are also available online. These facilitate the whole fertilizing process and ensure the most accurate dosing possible. By the way, an optimal nutrient supply implies nutrient supply via liquid fertilizer as well as high-nutrient substrate.

Also, where water hardness is concerned, parameters such as calcium and magnesium can be tweaked in a special ratio to optimize the growth of your aquarium plants. Both elements are important, macronutrients as well. Furthermore we offer nutrients in the form of dry salts in our webshop. The addition of Epsom salt, for example, is a good way to specifically increase the concentration of magnesium in the aquarium water. More info can be found in our article The calcium-magnesium ratio. In addition, certain hardening salts are used to treat demineralized water from a deionizer or reverse osmosis plant for intended use in an aquarium. Water parameters are set to desired target values and enriched with necessary trace elements and additives. Especially when breeding or keeping softwater-loving aquarium inhabitants such as discus or bee shrimp this is a very popular method.

In order to be able to reliably determine the various nutrient contents, corresponding water tests are needed. All the important water tests for the proper growth of aquarium plants, such as iron, nitrate, phosphate, potassium, carbonate hardness and many more, can be found online in our "Nutrients" section. But even with the naked eye, an experienced aquarist can recognize whether the aquatic plants lack certain nutrients. For this, we recommend our article on the topic of deficiency symptoms in our Aquascaping Wiki.


The bustling little dwarf shrimp suit almost every aquarium setup and even enrich plant aquariums and aquascapes with their colors and liveliness. The fact that they are also good algae eaters and take care of biofilms, algic growth and fishfood leftovers makes them all the more charming, and they have become very popular aquarium inhabitants. Here in our online shop you will find everything you need for the successful breeding and care of your dwarf shrimp. You can choose from a carefully selected range of shrimp food and minerals for your shrimp tank, and we also offer natural products like foliage and alder cones, shrimp-proof substrates, everything you need for water care- and conditioning and of course useful little helpers like fishnets in fitting sizes, filter guards, feed trays and much more!

Aquatic plants

Especially in the field of aquatic plants, we are always working hard to be able to offer you a high-quality range of various plants. In doing so, we specialize in emerse potted plants and in-vitro plants cultivated in renowned nurseries like Tropica, Dennerle or Anubias. Emerse aquarium plants have the advantage of being much more robust than their submerse counterparts. This facilitates shipping and the chances of introducing algae or pests are very low. For in-vitro plants, this even can be ruled out completely.

You'll find many classic stem plants for the background of your aquariums in our shop. Favourites are classes like Rotala, Pogostemon or Ludwigia, which grow very fast and are colourful. With their great shades of purple, red or orange, these aquarium plants offer a great contrast to the other aquatic plants and the decoration in the aquarium.
Especially in the field of aquascaping, ground cover like Glossostigma elatinoides or Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" are very popular. Ground cover are usually small-leafed and growing like a carpet. They are usually used in an aquarium's foreground.
Mosses are used in both, nature aquaristics and shrimp breeding. They are very easy to keep plants with beautiful, deep green colors and fine foliage. In addition, they offer many hiding places and spawning possibilities for small fish and invertebrates. Especially dwarf shrimp like to graze on mosses. Just like epiphytes, mosses are fixed to the hardscape like stones or driftwood. Epiphytes are plants like ferns, Anubias and Bucephalandras, which hold onto the aquarium's decoration with their holdfasts. These plants are easy to keep, undemanding and used for the aquascapes's middleground. This zone often also includes aquatic plants like Cryptocorynes or small-growing Echinodorus.

Floating plants are used on the water surface of an aquarium. These are mainly used as hiding places by the offspring of fish and shrimp.
In addition you'll always find rarities in our shop, that are usually only seldomly or not at all available.