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Terrarium plants - Lithophytes - Green up your terrarium!

Rock is a special place for plants to grow. Many plants take root in rock crevices, but there are also plants that grow on the surface of the rock. In northern latitudes, these are mainly mosses, lichens and algae. The more humid and milder the climate, the more higher plants there are. As already mentioned, many plants can occur both as epiphytes on trees and as lithophytes on rocks. Especially many lithophytes grow on overflowing rock faces and in the spray of waterfalls, a location that can be imitated in vivaria by the DOOA Mizukusa Mist Wall. Numerous rheophytes, plants adapted to strong currents in the flood zone of flowing waters, cling to rocks with their roots and are therefore also categorised as lithophytes.

In the terrarium, it makes little difference whether the perching plants are attached to stone or wood, as long as they are kept under suitable conditions.