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Aquaterrarium - A unique combination of terrarium and aquarium

The aquaterrarium, often referred to as a paludarium, is a fascinating combination of terrarium and aquarium. These special terrariums, usually made of glass, offer both an aquatic area (submersed) and a terrestrial area (emersed). The combination of both habitats in the aquaterrarium opens up creative possibilities for the design of bank biotopes, stream banks, river deltas or tropical swamp environments. A paludarium, on the other hand, is a special form of aquaterrarium that is ideal for recreating tropical swamp landscapes and often includes a larger water area, making it particularly attractive for reptiles and amphibians.

It is often asked what the difference is between a paludarium and an aquaterrarium. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, the paludarium usually describes a type of aquaterrarium with a larger aquarium area. The aquaterrarium, on the other hand, offers both a water and a land portion and was originally developed to house animals and plants that live both in water and on land. Both offer a special filter and aeration system to ensure constant air and water quality as well as an even temperature.

An aquaterrarium offers aquascapers and terrascapers a wide range of creative possibilities. If there is sufficient humidity, emerse growth forms of aquatic plants, marsh plants and mosses can be used in the aquaterrarium to decorate the land section. Terrestrial plants, climbing plants, flowing plants and attached plants such as orchids and carnivorous plants can be combined creatively. Tropical climbing plants such as araceae or bromeliads, including tillandsias, neoregelias and vrieseas, are also ideal for greening an aquaterrarium and can be purchased in our online shop.

Setting up and maintaining an aquaterrarium requires special care and the right accessories. You can find everything you need for your aquaterrarium in our terrascaping categories. It is important to check both the water area and the land section regularly. The water quality can be monitored using water tests and the water should be filtered accordingly, while the land section should be kept moist without the plants drying out or waterlogging and mould developing. Good LED lighting with sufficient intensity is also crucial to provide the tropical plants with enough light for photosynthesis.

An aquaterrarium is the ideal habitat for many species of flora and fauna, as it offers both land and water areas. This unique environment allows plants and animals to live out their natural growth forms and behaviours to the full. The aquaterrarium offers a unique opportunity to bring a piece of nature into your home and experience a fascinating symbiosis between aquatic and terrestrial elements.