CO2-plant Maintenance

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  • Refill set for Bio 80 CO2 System by JBL
  • Provides aquaria with a volume of 12-80 l with CO2 for approx. 40 days
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  • CO2 fertiliser system for freshwater aquariums
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents algae
  • Is operated according to a biological process
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  • Is mounted unobtrusively outside the tank
  • Atomisation thanks to special membrane
  • High efficiency
  • Current is almost unimpeded
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  • Replacement Membrane for the JBL ProFLora CO2 Taifun Inline Diffusor
  • Fitting for sizes 12/16, 16/22, 19/25
  • High quality
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  • CO2-resistant special hose for all common CO2 systems
  • Available in two colours
  • For safe and loss-free conduction of CO2
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  • For the safe placement of m500 CO2 bottles
  • No additional tools or assembly required
  • Suitable for all bottles with 60 mm diameter
  • No CO2-bottle included
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  • pH sensor incl. all necessary liquids
  • Suitable for all control units with BNC connector
  • 2 m connection cable
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  • For single-use and reusable CO2-bottles
  • Lowers pressure of CO2-bottle
  • Unscrewable adapter inclusive
  • High-quality model with anodised aluminium
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