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  • Carbon source for the aquarium
  • Can have a positive effect on algae reduction
  • Especially against red algae
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  • Feed plants directly at the roots
  • Clay Sticks with high iron content
  • Nutrients are beeing released over several weeks
  • Ideal for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus
  • Causes no water pollution
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  • Against beard, brush and thread algae
  • For use in freshwater aquaria
  • Can also be used in tanks with invertebrates
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  • Micronutrient fertiliser containing all important trace elements
  • Stabilised, suitable for weekly fertilisation
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
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  • Inhibits BGA growth
  • Restores the biologocial balance in the substrate
  • Fights cyanobacteria
  • Harmless to plants and animals
  • For two-week treatment
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  • Potassium plant fertiliser
  • For freshwater aquariums
  • Prevents potassium deficiencies in plants
  • Targeted dosing
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  • Unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures
  • Ensures an accelerated increase in useful bacteria
  • Helps to reduce the effects of harmful bacteria
  • For a healthy aquarium with lively fish
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  • Against cyano bacteria (blue-green algae)
  • Harmless for fish, shrimps, snails and plants
Easy Life - aquaristic products!

The manufacturer Easy Life International BV produces accessories for aquariums and garden ponds under the brand name Easy Life; and this already for over 20 years. The renowned company is based in the Netherlands, but their Easy Life brand is well-known in Germany and also internationally. Easy Life convinces by the performance of its plant fertilizers, algae control agents, care products for water treatment and last but not least by its favourable price. One of the best known products for aquariums is the liquid carbon source Easy Carbo.
Many products such as the complete iron fertilizer Profito or the liquid filter medium have received awards from the aquarium industry.