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Power Sand Basic & Advance

Each month Aqua Design Amano publishes interesting facts, methods and product information for aquariums in this column. In this issue, the basic substrate structure for an aquarium with an edge length of 60 cm and for a nanoaquarium is explained with the help of the new "Power Sand" product series. The new Power Sand series is rich in nutrients and microorganisms and sustainably supports plant growth.

Power Sand Basic-S

Power Sand Basic

The nutrient-rich soil substrate Power Sand Basic is easy to use and suitable for all types of planted aquariums. Its nutrient content is balanced and not too concentrated and therefore also suitable for beginners. In addition to the two-liter bag for aquariums with an edge length of 60 cm, a one liter bag is now also available, which is sufficient for all nanoaquariums.

Power Sand Advance

Power Sand Advance

Power Sand Advance is the optimal nutrient substrate for adult aquascapes and plant aquariums with fast-growing, demanding plants. With more nutrients than Power Sand Basic, added Bacter 100, Clear Super and a powder of activated carbon and bamboo, Power Sand Advance is the perfect foundation for healthy plant growth. This base is available in three sizes. The sizes S, M and L differ mainly in the grain size, which was designed for different aquarium heights. Size S is perfect for aquariums up to 40 cm high. The size M should be used for aquariums with a height of 40 - 60 cm and L for all aquariums higher than 60 cm. Size S is available in a small 2 l bag. Size M and L are sold in 6 l bags. The 2 l bag of Power Sand Advance S contains enough substrate for a standard 60 cm (60x30x36 cm) tank.

Power Sand Basic (easy to use) and Power Sand Advance (rich in nutrients)

The precursor products of our fertiliser substrates were Power Sand and Power Sand Special. These products have proven themselves over a long period of time as soil fertilizers in natural aquariums. We have overhauled them, and now there is the easy to use Power Sand Basic and the very nutritious Power Sand Advance. Both products are based on the same raw materials: natural porous raw materials, organic nutrients that promote the growth of soil bacteria and mineral nutrients that are gradually released. The new Power Sand Basic contains the same nutrients as the Power Sand. Additionally we have added Bacter 100 and Clear Super. This results in an optimal environment for all aquatic plants, especially when used together with ADA Aqua Soils. The new Power Sand Advance is enriched with further organic and mineral nutrients, as we already know from the Power Sand Special. We have also added Bacter 100 and Clear Super, as well as the phosphate-containing BC Powder (bamboo charcoal) to make this substrate even more nutritious. Below we show two different examples on how to build such a substrate optimally and how to take advantage of the special properties of Power Sand Basic and Power Sand Advance.

Substrate Structure 1: A simple substrate build in a nano aquarium using Power Sand Basic

filling in Power Sand Basic

Empty a bag of Power Sand Basic S into an empty aquarium tank with the dimensions 36x22x26 cm. The one liter bag contains the perfect amount of Power Sand for an aquarium of this size.

Introducing Aqua Soil

Pull the Power Sand Basic S smooth with the Sand Flattener. Bacter 100 and Clear Super are already included and do not need to be added.

Flatten ze Aqua Soil

Spread 2 liters of Aqua Soil Amazonia over the substrate. Finish the composition by working in a slope towards the backwall.

Substrate Structure 2: The perfect substrate with Power Sand Advance for a 60 cm aquarium

Setting up Power Sand Advance

Empty a bag of Power Sand Advance S into the aquarium. The two liter bag contains the optimum amount for an aquarium measuring 60x30x36 cm.

Bacter 100

Additionally apply Bacter 100 to the substrate, even if the additive is already included in the Power Sand Advance. This will increase the life of the aquarium.

Clear Super

Also administer some Clear Super. Three level scoops (included) of Bacter 100 and Clear Super are the right amount.

Tourmaline BC

Then sprinkle a little Tourmaline BC over it to help keep the ground stable. 10 measuring spoons full (measuring spoons included) Tourmaline BC are sufficient.

Introducing Aqua Soil

Then distribute Aqua Soil Amazonia. Slope the substrate from front to back. The 9 liter bag is the ideal quantity for an aquarium with an edge length of 60 cm.

Introducing Nitrogen

Then spray the soil with our liquid fertilizer Green Brighty Nitrogen. So you can optimally support short foreground plants in their growth.

Source and copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA