Filling the bubble counter
A short how-to

Filling smaller bubble counters with water is not an easy task. Here we show you the easiest method.

Most of the small Aquasabi bubble counters come as a kit with a check valve made of glass.

Aquasabi Blasenzähler mit Rückschlagventil

Typical for this type of check valve is the red plug inside the glass body. The bubble counter is best filled with water in combination with this check valve. In addition, you'll need a small piece of CO2 tube, preferrably made oft soft silicone. This type of tubing can be easily slipped onto the tube connections of the glassware.

A how-to in ten steps

  1. Attach the suction cups on both ends of the check valve.
  2. Turn the valve to the flow direction of the gas. On one end of the central glass housing you can see a thin white line. This line indicates the lower end, which needs to point downwards.
  3. Attach the suction cups on both ends of the bubble counter.
  4. Turn the bubble counter to the flow direction of the gas. The part where you can see a piece of pointed glass tube that protrudes inside the central glass housing is the bottom.
  5. Cut off a short piece of CO2 tubing of around 5 cm in length.
  6. We now use this piece of tube to connect the upper end of the check valve with the lower end of the bubble counter. If you run into difficulties sliding the tube onto the connections of the glassware, do not apply pressure. It is better to heat the tube a bit to make it more flexible. For doing so, stick the end of the piece of tube in a cup of hot water.
  7. Now hold the assembly with the upper end of the bubble counter pointing upwards.
  8. Then take a mouthful of cold tap water and slowly blow the water into the lower end of the check valve. The water will rise in the tube, filling the bubble counter. Repeat if the amount of water was insufficient to fill the bubble counter completely at the first time.
  9. The check valve prevents the water from running out of the bottom of the bubble counter. Then use the suction cups to attach the glassware (usually on the side of the aquarium).
  10. Connect the lower part of the check valve with the CO2 system with a piece of tubing, and the upper part of the bubble counter with the CO2 dispenser.

It is also very easy to fill the large Aquasabi bubble counters with your mouth. Just blow the water in through the lateral opening of the counter until the body is entirely filled with water.

Aquasabi Blasenzähler