Aquarium Cabinet

An aquarium cabinet is not only suitable for giving an aquarium a place to stand. A good base cabinet also offers space for all kinds of accessories, such as filters, CO2 systems, hoses and more.

However, the most important point for buying a special cabinet is stability. There is a great load on the base cabinets, and that in the long run. A well-stocked aquarium with several litres of water and stones as decoration can easily weigh over 100 kg. Even though everything necessary can find its place in it, the cabinet should not distract from the painstakingly designed aquascape. For this reason, the design of most base cabinets is clear and minimalist. This means that the cabinets can also find a place in any living concept.

To help you determine which aquarium base cabinet is the right one for you, we have put together a selection of sturdy and beautiful base cabinets in this section. From ADA to UNS aquariums - the right base cabinet can be found for almost every tank. Many of the cabinets are made of wood, which is sealed to prevent swelling.

The Japanese company ADA offers aquarium cabinets in three different materials - wood, metal and glass. There is a choice of the Metal Cabinet, the Wood Cabinet and the Cube Cabinet Clear. These cabinets are specially designed for the tanks of the ADA brand. Can also be used for other aquariums.
Fluval also offers a custom cabinet. The Fluval Flex Cabinet has the same wave-like shape as the tank Fluval Flex.
For the aquariums of the UNS brand, the German manufacturer european aquaristics offers a small but high-quality selection of cabinets. The cabinets are available in three different colours - black, achat grey and white high-gloss. For other aquarium sizes, a selection is offered in white high-gloss and achat grey.

All aquarium base cabinets are almost always available in different sizes. We also offer tips and tricks for setting up in our Aquasabi Wiki. Under Aquarium cabinet setup (in German) useful advice and practical tricks are described.