Eriocaulon sp. "Feather Duster"

Eriocaulon sp. "Feather Duster"

  • Exceptional, grass-like Eriocaulon
  • Leaves narrower than in "Japan Needle Leaf"
  • Forms dense tufts with hair-like foliage
  • Rare plant
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An exceptional plant of unknown origin that is similar to Eriocaulon sp. "Japan Needle Leaf". However, "Feather Duster" develops even narrower, only about 1 mm wide leaves with a length of little more than 30 cm. With time, it forms dense clumps with many shoots.

According to our previous experience, Eriocaulon sp. "Feather Duster" has the same, quite low demands as "Japan Needle Leaf". The plant grows well with medium to strong lighting. It forms daughter plants on its branched rhizomes and is easily propagated by splitting.

As well as "Japan Needle Leaf", "Feather Duster" is an interesting alternative to narrow-leaved background plants such as Vallisneria nana. With its even fine foliage, it offers the possibility to enhance the perspective effect in an aquascape when it is combined with "Japan Needle Leaf". Its hair-like leaves, swaying in the water current, have a very natural appearance.

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Peter K.
I will see in time
1st April 2018
Eriocaulon sp. "Feather Duster"
Eriocaulon sp. "Feather Duster"

I ordered one plant and it arrived in good condition but it had jut small roots. After few days I don't see if its growing or not, surely it have to build root system first. (read more)