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Important accessories for aquarium filtration: Clear view and healthy environment

Owning an aquarium is a fascinating and calming experience. But for the aquarium to function optimally and for both plants and fish to thrive in a healthy environment, proper filtration is crucial. Here is an overview of important accessories that will help you maintain the water quality in your aquarium.

1. Aquarium filter:

The heartbeat of an effective filtration system is the aquarium filter itself. There are several types of filters, including internal filters, external filters and underwater filters. The choice depends on the size of the aquarium and individual needs. A powerful filter provides the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration needed for clear water and a healthy environment. In addition, some filters are powerful enough to create flow, which may be necessary in some aquariums.

2. Filter media:

Choosing the right filter media is crucial. They include mechanical media such as filter fleece or sponges that remove coarse particles, biological media such as biomaterials that provide a settlement area for beneficial bacteria, and chemical media such as activated carbon that adsorb pollutants. The combination of different media optimises the filter performance.

3. Accessories

Important accessories for filter media in the aquarium are filter bags and empty filter cartridges. Filter bags are used to prevent the filter material from lying loose in the filter basket. Depending on the medium, fine-pored or coarse-pored mesh may be necessary. The filter bags are coarsely woven so that the water can flow through without obstacles, but the filter material remains in place.