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Filter fleece for the aquarium: The secret ingredient for clear water

In the fascinating world of aquaristics, filter fleece is a silent companion that often works in secret and yet plays a crucial role in maintaining clear and healthy water quality in the aquarium.

Filter fleece, also known as filter mats, consists largely of a flexible textile surface fabric and is used in many aquarium filters as the first filter stage. It is a layer of fibres or foam placed in the filter to remove impurities from the water. Filter fleece is particularly suitable for mechanical filtration.

The way filter fleece works is extremely effective. When water flows through the fleece, dirt particles, turbidity and unwanted solids get caught in it. This results in clear and clean water in the aquarium.

Filter fleece is one of the mechanical filtration methods and is extremely efficient at removing turbidity and coarse particles from the water.

However, a further biological component also comes into play. Due to its high surface area, the fleece also provides an ideal settlement area for useful bacteria that can convert ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrates. This also promotes biological stability in the aquarium.

Filter fleece helps to create a healthy environment for your fish and plants by removing impurities from the water and improving water quality.