Water flow in the aquarium
Optimal water flow with ADA goods

In addition to ensuring good water condition, providing appropriate water flow is also important to grow a beautiful cluster of stem plants. Optimized filter functions and water flow help to create the beauty of plant cluster.

ADA - Filterung im Naturaquarium

Water flow equalizes CO2 concentration

ADA - ADA - Outflow for big fishtanks

Large aquariums often experience uneven CO2 concentrations. A solution to this problem is to install two separate filter outflow ports on both sides of the tank to create water flow that circulates the entire tank. This will help equalize CO2 concentration in the tank.

ADA CO2 supply in big fishtanks

A higher efficiency in CO2 supply is achieved by supplying CO2 with two separate Pollen Glasses, rather than supplying a larger amount of CO2 by using a single unit. In a large aquarium, it is advisable to branch off the CO2 supply.

A filter system having adequate biological filtration functions is essential for growing a beautiful cluster of stem plants because it enhances clarity of the aquarium water and inhibits algae growth. As another benefit, the water circulation created by a filter delivers CO2 and nutrients to stem plants and promotes their photosynthesis. However, excessively strong current can cause over-swaying or uprooting of plants, which hinders their healthy growth. For this reason, it is necessary to moderate the water flow in an aquarium. Optimizing filter capacity and water flow rate realizes stem plants to grow in a beautiful cluster.



types of waterflows

Surface Pull-in Flow

ADA - Ansaugströmung

Lily Pipe, an accessory of Super Jet Filter, moderates the outflow of water and creates the ideal flow for the growth of stem plants..

Soft Spinning Flow

ADA - leichte Drehströmung

Lily Pipe Spin creates a circling flow of water inside the loop section, and effectively reduces the strong flow. Particularly suitable for small aquariums.

Straight Flow

ADA - gerade Strömung

Simple designed Lily Pipe Mini is suitable for combined use with an external filter with low flow rate designed for small aquariums.

Very Gentle Water Flow

ADA - sanfte Strömung

Metal Jet Pipe for outflow slows down the water flow from the filter and creates very gentle current. Suitable for keeping fish that prefer gentle water flow such as Bettas.

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