Söchting Oxydator

Söchting Oxydator

  • Supplies the aquarium with pure and activated oxygen
  • Without cables or other connectors
  • Significant improvement of water quality
  • The CO2 content remains constant
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Söchting oxidants supply aquariums and garden ponds, unlike conventional aerators with pure and activated oxygen in a unique combination of advantages:

Pure oxygen, generated by Oxydator is mostly immediately available, and therefore resolved without the formation of bubbles in the water. The oxygen supply is absolutely noiseless, expelling of carbon dioxide and a swirling of ground (sludge) is avoided.

Activated oxygen - water is loosely bound to oxygen atoms - diffuses much faster than normal, dissolved oxygen. Therefore, it can reach non-flow angle and niches of the water column, passes through the ground and makes it an ideal biological filter.

Activated oxygen oxidizes bacteria activity without harmful intermediates such as nitrite and hydrocarbons to innocuous end products largely as nitrate, water and carbon dioxide

Activated oxygen increases the redox potential (the oxidizing power) of your water body, making it highly effective against algae.

The benefits of the addition of hydrogen peroxide in acute oxygen deficiency of fish in putrefaction and thereby water turbidity occurring in the tank, to spawn mold or at all for a better well-being of the fish have long been known. New is the continuous and in the long run much higher dosage of hydrogen peroxide and its transformation into molecular oxygen and water through the Söchting Oxydator. The advantage is that the water quality for fish generally improves and prevents the occurrence of the above problems from the outset. This is made possible by the special ceramic that the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) completely to water (H2O) and normal oxygen (O2) breaks down.

This will enhance the water quality for fish through the supply of activates oxygen, without expelling CO2 which is needed by the aquatic plants. On the other hand, numerous toxins are rendered harmless exclusively by activated oxygen. Söchting Oxydators enable a much higher fish stocking and a greatly reduced water exchange. The amount of oxygen liberated is based on the increasing with increasing temperature needs of a vibrant body of water. An increase in temperature of 8 ° C causes each doubling the quantity produced oxygen. The oxygen supply in one litre of a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution corresponds to 156 grams of the amount that is dissolved in about 20.000 liters of water.

The Oxydator mini comes with two 82.5 ml bottles oxidizer solution (4,9%) included.


  • Provides the aquarium with pure and activated oxygen
  • Direct enrichment of the water with oxygen without formation of bubbles
  • Without cables or other connections and, therefore, completely silent
  • Significant improvement of the water quality in the tank
  • Does not desorp CO2 because there is no water flow or swirl

For aquariums

Item Tank volume
Oxydator Mini up to 60 Litres
Oxydator D up to 100 Litres
Oxydator A up to 400 Litres


The following table shows with which solution the respective oxidisers are operated, which oxygen conversion can be expected and how long the operating time is per suitable aquarium size.

Water quantity Catalysts Oxydator solution Operating time approx. 02 / day in mg
up to 100 liters Oxydator Mini or D 4,7% (or fo D 6%) / 100 - 270
100 - 200 liters 1 6% 40 days 270
2 6% 20 days 540
200 - 400 liters 2 6% 20 days 540
1 12% 20 days 1.080
400 - 800 liters 2 12% 10 days 2.160
1 19,9% 12 days 3.000

Guide values apply at 25°C water temperature



With the Oxydator, Söchting Biotechnik GmbH offers an alternative solution for supplying an aquarium with pure oxygen. No pump is used for this, but rather a silent chemical reaction that reacts by splitting hydrogen superperoxide to form water and oxygen. The molecular oxygen is distributed in the aquarium and thus increases the water quality.

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Can it be left in a 30 liter aquarium forever? Shrimp aquarium,Thank you
mario b.
Aug. 2023
Aquasabi Support
Sep. 2023
The oxydator can be used permanently in the aquarium, but must be regularly filled with the oxydator solution.

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Giselda G.
11th September 2020
Söchting - Oxydator D
Söchting - Oxydator D

Veramente utile per contrastare le alghe e in estate con laumentare della temperatura aiuta a dare più ossigeno ai pesci.

Stavros V.
It seems to do what it says.
14th March 2020
Söchting - Oxydator D
Söchting - Oxydator D

It kinda looks a decoration unit too :D It produces A LOT of bubbles, assuming its pure oxygen. It seems the water is quite well saturated in oxugen because bubbles stick to... (read more)

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